5 Interesting Boston Tours Off The Beaten Track

If you are looking to experience Boston in a completely new way, consider alternate tours away from the regular tourist scene. You can Explore Boston in all its glory, experiencing the quirky sensibilities that make this old city unique. There are activities that not every visitor gets to know and they are definitely something that you want to experience. If you have visited Boston before but you want a new experience, following are some activities that you should consider.

1. Movie and TV Tours

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If you are a movie lover, you have great opportunities to visit some iconic movie backgrounds. You can visit different shooting locations from Charlestown to Beacon Hill. If you have watched “The Town” and “Good Will Hunting” you will enjoy being in the neighborhoods where your favorite stars were. When planning the trip, find out the ticket prices and confirm when the tours depart.

2. High-Speed Boat Tour

Your trip across the Boston Harbor can be exciting and memorable when you choose to get on one of them. This high-speed thrill boat can move across the water at 2,800 horsepower as the wind whips around and you get soaked by the sea spray. The 40-minute voyage is not for the fainthearted or for anyone who has just had a fresh hair do! Thrill-seekers can enjoy the ride from around 10 a.m.

3. Chocolate Delights

Treat yourself to sumptuous chocolate delights when you visit a chocolate bar. The Langham Hotel hosts the “Cafe chocolate bar” where the spread of sweet temptations are worth every coin. You can enjoy everything from sauces and cakes to truffles and the popular chocolate croissant bread pudding. Leave your calorie scorecard at home when you visit this site. Call to reserve your spot at the site that is open on Saturdays between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

4. Old Boston Original Secret Tour

Discover some of the city’s hidden secrets in the Old Boston Secret Tour. You can see the blinking Madonna statue and ponder at the Old North Church steeple from which a man flew off it. You can discover everything you ever wanted to know about the molasses flood that killed 21 people in this Italian neighborhood. You can even get into an argument about whether the smells still linger.

5. The Harvard Bridge

You can enjoy great views of the city when you stroll across the Harvard Bridge, also called the MIT Bridge. Hire a car and drive out to the bridge where you can learn the origin of the unit of measurement that is called the “Smoot” after a student’s last name. The bridge that spans the Charles River offers beautiful views of MIT and the city.

Whether you are making your first visit to Boston or you are making a repeat visit, you can enjoy traveling the little known tours where you can learn something different each time. When planning your visit, it is a good idea to find a reputable car service where you can hire a comfortable vehicle for your travels.

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