7 Delicacies That Travelers Should Try In Boston

Are you planning to visit Boston soon? You might be going there for a business trip or even for a vacation. Well, it would be nice if you spend some time in experiencing the culture there. And what better way to enjoy Boston culture than to try out the delicious delicacies it has to offer. Here are those foods that you should definitely try:

• Doughnuts

11433481726_d60b147542 7 Delicacies That Travelers Should Try In Boston

If your taste buds start to crave for sweet treats, you might want to start looking for a good doughnut shop. There are tons of doughnut shops in Boston with most of these being independently owned. Doughnuts are available in various flavors. But of course, you should not leave a doughnut shop without trying the ever-famous Boston crème doughnut.

• Crab Cake

Boston is rich in very delicious seafood. One of the best seafood options to consider is the crab cake. Composed mainly of crab meat, crab cakes are made even more delicious by various ingredients including eggs, mayonnaise, onions, and other spices. Take note that crab cakes are best enjoyed with side dishes. The best side dishes are coleslaw or potato fries.

• Baked Beans

You should also try the famous Boston baked beans. This dish is not composed of just one but several varieties of beans. Their different textures and tastes are what makes the entire dish very flavorful. Historians believe that the early colonials in Boston learned to make baked beans from the natives. It is best enjoyed with cornbread.

• Succotash

A simple, unique, yet very flavorful dish that is also commonly served in Boston is the Succotash. It consists of corn, beans, tomatoes, and peppers. The dish is very inexpensive and easy to prepare. That is why it was a very common dish during The Great Depression. It was the Native Americans who introduced this dish to the colonials.

• Concord Grapes

If there is one certain delicacy attributed to Concord, that would not be anything else than grapes. Concord grapes are known all over the world for its distinct, delicious taste. Concord grapes are used to make very delicious wine – usually offered during religious communions. Of course, you can also enjoy the concord grapes in the form of grape jelly.

• Fried Clams

If you are from a place where seafood is rare, expensive, or not really tastes good, then Boston is your site where you can enjoy try different types of seafood. Aside from the crab cake mentioned earlier, Boston is also known for having some of the best fried clams in New England. Fried clams are best enjoyed with special tartar sauce.

• Pig Ears

Are you in for trying something exquisite? Why not try pig ears? Pigs ears are definitely a lot more delicious than you think. Most Bostonians love to eat these delicacies every once in a while. Do not worry about these tasting weird. They have been made soft after several hours of cooking and are made delicious with various spices.

These delicious delicacies can be found throughout various restaurants in Boston. If you ever plan to go on a ‘food trip’ it would be practical to consider car hire services. Chauffeurs are very familiar with Boston; they can bring you to places that offer certain delicacies you might want to try!

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