5 Boston Places To Organize A Child’s Birthday Party With Minimal Effort

Planning a birthday party for your child can be quite a headache, especially if you have many other commitments such as having multiple jobs or school to attend. However, simply neglecting your child or organizing a cliché party for them is not advisable either. The key to solving this problem is by choosing a birthday venue in Boston that will allow your child to have the time of his life, but without needing much planning on your side. Fortunately, a number of such venues exist in Boston including:

The Boston Fire Museum

This is a museum that was initially a firehouse built in 1891. You can rent it as a venue for your child’s birthday party, and all you need to do is make the payment. Some of the things you get include access to the whole of the second floor in the museum, which has a huge room that can be used for various games. Your child and his friends (up to 24 of them) will be allowed to try out the 90-year-old fire engine, and can even wind the siren and ring its bell. The museum staff are very friendly and will do anything to take care of you and the child. You could even hire a host to oversee the entire party so that you can just sit back.

My Gym Boston

download 5 Boston Places To Organize A Child's Birthday Party With Minimal Effort

One of the reasons why many kids love parties in this venue is that it’s not very rigid. There are many facilities they can use to play, relax and generally have fun, all without much of an effort from the parent. There are various party rental packages you can get, with the most premium offering everything needed in a party including the catering. The venue hosts up to 20 children.

Jump On In Boston

One thing you can be assured of is that when you rent this venue for your child’s birthday party, he and his friends will be very tired by the end of the day. Most parents who have rented the facility think that it offers the greatest amount of fun for the least amount of work on the parent’s side. Some of the activities they can take part in include jumping, climbing and sliding. There are various party packages to suit all budgets.

The Dance Place in Arlington

If you are keen on organizing a party that has an artsy theme to it, this would be one of the best places to host it. All you need to do is rent the facility and then provide the food for the party. The kids will then take part in any activity they are interested in including dancing and dressing up. The teachers at the studio can also encourage them to make crafts, which can be a lot of fun for the creative child.

Lanes and Games

If you have an older child, taking them bowling might be a good way to celebrate their birthday. This venue has a miniaturized bowling alley, as well as lighter pins and balls. This makes it perfect for kids.

To top it all off, you can consider renting a limo to take your child and his friends to all the venues above. This will definitely make it a day to remember because kids are always amazed when they see a limo drive up in front of them!

5 Boston Clubs You Should Try For Your Hen Night

It has become a tradition for many brides-to-be to host a bachelorette party before their weddings. The goal of such an event varies depending on the individual, but most people simply use it as a means of celebrating the upcoming wedding with their closest friends. One of the activities that are popular during such events is club hopping. Boston happens to have a wide variety of bars, each of which has something to offer to anyone looking for fun. Planning your bachelorette party to take place in this city is therefore likely to make it a lot of fun. Some of the bars you can visit include:

The Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks

This is a bar located on Kenmore Square, and usually attracts a lot of patrons especially over the weekend. They have a wide selection of beers and wines, as well as food on offer. It has a sense of style about it, but is not snobbish. Visiting it during your hen night can turn out to be a lot of fun especially since it gives you an opportunity to mingle with lots of other people.

The Deep Ellum

4538040073_4ec1147a34 5 Boston Clubs You Should Try For Your Hen Night

If you are more interested in a more sedate setting, you can visit the Deep Ellum. This has a calmer environment, than most other clubs, making it the perfect venue for a hen night for people who want a more chilled out party. The Deep Ellum has a wide selection of food and drinks, so you won’t have any problem with this.

Stoddard’s Fine Food and Ale

Are you interested in having fun in an atmosphere that is steeped in history? The Stoddard’s Fine Food and Ale is the place to be. This is a very old but very well taken care of bar, and it also happens to have an impressive selection of drinks and cocktails. The perfectionist in you is likely to find this bar very impressive, since everything seems to run like clockwork and the attendants are usually very attentive to all your needs.

The Lord Hobbo

When you want to mingle with a young crowd, the Lord Hobbo would be the place to be. It tends to be crowded especially during the weekends, but in some cases you might find this to be a good thing. Some people complain of poor lighting and other niggles with the interior design, but the fact that it is usually packed means that it’s well worth it.

Brick and Mortar

From the design, the seating arrangements, the bartenders’ behavior and the name of the drinks, this bar is all about fun. It is the perfect place for people who want a hen night that will allow them to let their hair down.

You can visit all these venues in one night, rather than simply choosing to stay at one. The most convenient way to do this would be by renting a party limo in Boston. Some of them come with lots of space, a bar and audiovisual equipment, so you can keep the party going as you hop from club to club.

4 Top Clubs In Boston For Live Music Lovers

Are you a fan of live music? If you are and happen to visit Boston in the near future, it would be a good idea for you to visit some of the venues that offer this in the city. Boston is known to have a vibrant live music culture, and has also been the launching pad for many great bands and artistes in the past. The huge variety of music performances (from Indie to rock) mean that whatever your taste, you will find a venue that you will definitely enjoy. Some that you need to look out for include:

The House of Blues

images 4 Top Clubs In Boston For Live Music Lovers

This happens to be one of the largest and most popular clubs in Boston. The fact that it has a 2,500-seat capacity should give you an idea of just how popular it is. There are live music events that are usually held in the club on a regular basis, and the club has hosted some of the biggest stars in the industry such as Deadmau5. In addition to the great music, you will also get the opportunity to mingle with lots of other music fans when you visit it.

Great Scott

Sometimes, you might want to listen to great music not from the mainstream stars, but from some of the lesser known ones. In such a case, going over to the Great Scott will definitely not disappoint. This Indie rock club has evolved over the past 10 years to become one of the best live music venues, and most of the performances are usually by small sized bands. It seats 240 people, which gives it a cozy feel. Since the bands playing there are not well known, it is one of the places to visit when you need to listen to something different.

Brighton Music Hall

When some of the world’s top artistes want to play in a more intimate setting in Boston, they often choose the Brighton Music Hall. This venue is known to host an eclectic mix of performers, all the way from the international artistes to the local acts. If you want variety in live music and want to listen to it in a small, cozy environment, this is the place to be.

The Sinclair

This is one of the newest clubs in Boston, and is unique based on the fact that it was designed to be a live music bar right from the start. The roster of performances is varied, and you can always visit the club’s website to find out what’s slated for any particular weekend.

These clubs have received critical acclaim especially among people who love live music. Visiting them is therefore guaranteed to be an experience you will not forget. If you are new to Boston, one of the best ways of getting to all these clubs and more is by renting a chartered ride. This is cheaper than you think and allows you to travel conveniently. What is more important is that if you will be drinking, there is no need to worry about driving back!

5 Places In Boston That Are Perfect For You To Pop The Big Question

Making a marriage proposal is something that many people often only get one chance to do it right in their entire lives. This is why most people spend a lot of time and money trying to make it perfect. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to rack your brains too much to make the best impression on the person you are trying to propose to. Most of the time, simply making sure that the setting is right is all you need to do. In Boston, for instance, there are a couple of locations that are ideal for this including:

The DeCordova Sculpture Park

8743638779_b3aa861a69 5 Places In Boston That Are Perfect For You To Pop The Big Question

This is an outdoor museum that spans over 30 acres and is more than 50 years old. One of the most interesting things about it is that it is home to some of the most stunning sculptures in the world, all set against the grassy hills in the outdoors. They give the area an atmosphere that is difficult to get anywhere else. Making your proposal here would therefore likely stand out. You can also rent the entire park for events such as wedding ceremonies, since it can hold around 150 people.

The Sinclair Concert Hall

If you and your spouse to be are fans of music, you can pop over to the Sinclair Concert Hall to enjoy some of the performances. You can also plan to do your proposal then. Doing this is simple, since you only need to consult the management and make the necessary plans.

The Arnold Arboretum

This is a historical landmark that is under the care of the Harvard University. It is located in Roslindale Ma in Boston, and is one of the most peaceful places you can visit in the city. The lush green surroundings and the serenity that they offer make the perfect venue for a romantic proposal. If you are the shy type, you will also be happy to find that since the arboretum is large (it spans over 250 acres), it’s not densely populated by visitors and this means that you won’t have to do it in full view of many people.

Top of the Hub

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Boston for both the locals and tourists. It offers an excellent view of the city skyline, and also offers some of the best cuisine in the city. If you are planning on proposing during a romantic dinner, there is no better place to do it than here.

The Stonehendge Inn and Spa

As far as resorts go, this is one of the most romantic in the New England region. You can visit it to get couple treatments such as massages, and also use the opportunity to surprise your partner and propose to her in style!

In addition to the above, Boston has numerous other romantic spots you can pick for the perfect proposal. If you are interested in visiting one of them to do so, you should think about renting a limo to get there. This is the perfect way to make the entire experience feel more complete with your marriage proposal idea.

3 Hotels In Boston You Should Stay In The Name Of Luxury

Have you decided to travel to Boston and might be worried about where you should stay during your travel there? We have come up with a great list of best hotels in Boston that will help you make up your mind when you get there. Choose the best conditions for yourself and your friends or family members embarking on this great adventure with you.

Do not forget about the necessary transport arrangements once you get there. You will need a car to take you from the airport to the hotel you have chosen and another one to take you back to the airport at the end of your travel. Make the necessary reservations and thus ensure the success of your travel in terms of accommodation and transportation needs. Every detail counts and you want to make things work for yourself and not ruin your holiday by not making the necessary reservations. Let’s see 3 great hotels to stay in while being in Boston.

Fifteen Beacon

Fifteen Beacon is a great hotel that features special refinement in a special landmark opened back in 1999. It is very special for juxtaposing cutting edge technology with special vintage styling. This hotel is the perfect place if serenity is what makes you feel comfortable and special. It is one of the greatest luxury boutique hotels in Boston that offers highly refined and personalized service to all those who travel to Boston and decide to stay there during their travel.

Fairmont Copley Plaza

9902819195_45fc786386 3 Hotels In Boston You Should Stay In The Name Of Luxury

Fairmont Copley Plaza has always been a great and highly important symbol for Boston and its rich history. It is found in the local area of Back Bay and it is one of the most luxurious hotels in Boston. It is popular for the surrounding historic sites and for being just a few steps away from the most special boutiques found on the Newbury Street. It features renowned rooms and amazing ballrooms that will simply amaze you.

Ritz Carlton Boston Common

Ritz Carlton Boston Common gives Boston the great distinction of having special new levels and styles that express luxury in its full meaning. It is a new hotel that offers access to luxurious services to all of those who know just how important it is to be properly treated during your travels to a city like Boston. You will be given access to contemporary luxury in an amazing urban sanctuary.

The hotel is just a few steps away from the main city cultural districts and the oldest parks that remind everyone of the amazing old times in the city of Boston. It is a high energy destination that offers its visitors access to amazing fitness, spa and sports facilities. You will be amazed by the magnificent view from the rooms and you will feel special looking at the dramatic skyline before sleeping and after you wake up.

Proper airport transfer to your chosen hotel

As soon as you have decided which hotel you want to stay in during your travel to Boston, make sure you also make reservations for your car transfer from the airport to the chosen hotel. You can choose a limousine or a SUV and be certain that your journey from the airport to the hotel will be comfortable and enjoyable if you book with us.

Do you have any favorite hotel in Boston? Do share with us below!

Booking The Best Airport Limousine Services In Boston

Are you going or coming from the airport and all you want is be there on time and without any compromise in terms of comfort and security? You have the chance to choose one of the best possible options made available to you by limousine companies that offer the best airport transfer services at reasonable prices that totally balance the quality of the services being offered.

If what you want is to be at the airport on time and in style then a limousine drive is exactly what you need. It might even cost you less than the actual price of a taxi in Boston if you play your cards right and choose the best offers on the market.

The advantage of using limousine services for airport transfer

600869203_f84d13eef1 Booking The Best Airport Limousine Services In Boston

First of all, if you choose limousine services for airport transportation what you will get is transport without any hassle. You will not have to be worried about getting there on time or about travelling in bad conditions. You will feel at ease during transportation and you will not have to be worried about parking or any other similar necessities when travelling. All you have to do is schedule your transport and let the company renting the limousine take care of the rest.

Costs and comfort

The cost of long term parking will be avoided at this stage and you will not even have to imagine how tricky it can be to get to the airport on time by using the bus or other transport options in a city like Boston. Furthermore, you will not even have to carry your own luggage because the limo driver takes care of everything. All you have to do is sit tight and enjoy the ride. You can pay in cash or by using a credit card because limo companies offer all the available options to their clients.


If you want to be on time for your important flight at the airport then you should choose those who know how to make this happen for you. Choose the best car services offered by professional companies that are ready to make everything happen for you in terms of transportation in a big city like Boston. Safety is the most important factor to consider. Limousine transportation to the airport is the best choice in terms of comfort and safety. Let a professional limo driver who knows all about getting to the airport by using the best road and without losing time take you to your destination.

Do not forget to make your reservation

If you have decided to go for a limo drive then you should know that a reservation is necessary. You might think that there are not too many people choosing limo transportation on a daily basis but we are talking about Boston here, the city where business people do business all day long and need to travel each day. Keep it on the safe side, make your reservation and this way you will be certain that everything will go as planned.

Whenever you find yourself in Boston on business or just travelling there for pleasure you might want to consider limousine transportation as an amazing way of making transportation experiences as great as possible.

5 Dope Facts About Boston’s Alluring City Vibes

Boston provides tourists a beautiful view of its landscape from afar, but it gets even more captivating up close. Tourists and visitors alike are recommended to visit this country for all seasons except winter. Winter season is usually in February, and the weather can get really miserable – so it’s best to come when winter is over! Coming during their verdant spring and fall seasons as well as their breezy and not-too-hot summers are ways to make your trip much more enjoyable.

If you are interested in its history, below is a mix of historic facts as well as fun facts that made what Boston is today!

Lack of fast food – time to eat healthy!

The fast-food restaurants you can find in Boston, is very limited. Hence, your usual fast-food haunts such as Subways and McDonalds are uncommon. They have over 800 restaurants that serve locals and tourists different types of cuisines as they believe in their mantra – variety is the key to a gastronomical paradise!

Favorite pastime and sport

3749414679_9d418c2fe2 5 Dope Facts About Boston's Alluring City Vibes

Ask any local and they might tell you Boston’s as well as America’s pastime is none other than baseball. Apart from the ever popular New York Yankees, joining in the ranks of greatness is their beloved Boston Red Sox! The distinguished stadium, the Green Monster, is where they play as Boston’s home team. Interestingly, the stadium’s name was inspired by its Fenway green 37ft wall that’s built to the left of its home plate. The Fenway green paint is patented by them, so think twice about using it!

First city in the US to break the ice for a subway system

Residents sought for better ways to get around the metropolitan city during 1897, and subway cars were the choice of their transport. Locals identify this system with a simple initial ‘T’. Their subway tracks are laid underground, much like European countries such as London, Glasgow and Budapest.

Notorious witch trials of the 1600s

America’s belief in the supernatural was at its peak during this period. The lives of many men and women, who were suspected of dabbling in witchcraft, were given the death sentence. But the first death sentence actually took place in Boston, and that person was Margaret Jones – a puritan midwife. She was found guilty of mixing herbs to prepare ‘herbal’ cures, but caused more harm than good.

Weather forecast teller – The old John Hancock Tower

The Berkeley Building, as it is known now, utilizes its colored lights on top to inform Bostonians the daily weather forecast. Still blue means a clear day; blinking blue means clouds are approaching; still red means impending rain; and blinking red means approaching snow. It’s pretty intriguing if this is not a common sight back at home.

There are many more historic sites and places of interests in Boston, and you should definitely pay them a visit if you are interested to learn more to expand your general knowledge about Boston. It is a good idea to hire car services to ferry you between locations. Think about the comfort and efficiency, when you do not need to travel in crowded public transports.

Planning For A Destination Wedding In Boston

Couples who plan to have a destination wedding will soon realize the significance of their upcoming blissful event. There are many places in the world that is suitable to hold special weddings away from home. Couples should consider Boston, and below are a few tips on how you can create a perfect wedding abroad!

The 3 important ‘L’s – Location, Location and Location

14228545103_db05426456 Planning For A Destination Wedding In Boston

Having a wedding abroad means all your invited family, relatives and friends have to travel to reach your destination. You need to consider all possible charges and travel time as it is not feasible to invite them to any spectacular destination if it is too difficult for them or expensive. Hence, check for good flight deals that your guests can sign up for, as well as an array of places to stay that can suit all possible budgets. You may want hire airport pickup or transfer services to their hotels and your wedding destination. Some people do not travel often and having the aforementioned; can benefit everyone who is in need of assistance.

A recce trip

It helps a lot if you travel to your choice of destination at least once before your actual wedding date. Try to arrange this trip to happen months before your schedule gets busier. This is a good opportunity for you to visit places of interests, meet up with caterers for food-tasting and check out hotels. It is even better if you can arrange to go for several planning trips as you need more time to orientate yourself with the new environment. Remember to include these costs into your wedding budget! Some of the top locations are New England Aquarium, The Boston Public Garden, The Boston Opera House and Anderson Auto Museum.

Fulfilling legal requirements to tie the knot in a foreign country

Many countries require soon-to-be newlyweds to arrive at their respective country days in advance. Depending on which country it is, it could range anywhere from 24 hours to 40 days and more. Each country has their residency requirements, but usually you just need to come a few days before your actual wedding date. You can take the opportunity to settle down, unpack, make final preparations and even go sight-seeing with your loved one. Consider this as a early honeymoon!

Weather plans

If you are planning to hold your wedding outdoors, it can get really hot during summer and you will need to prepare cooling huts or stations with proper outdoor air-conditioning so your guests and you won’t be affected by the weather too easily. You can provide drinks for those who are feeling parched with tasty lemonade and iced water. Back the drinks up with cool facial towels as well as invigorating facial mists. Don’t forget to prepare stuff like sun screen and umbrellas if necessary. Boston is typically cool during October and it is probably the best time to visit the country. It is cool but not humid, and the cold isn’t too extreme to confine you indoors.

Consider getting a wedding planner

Sometimes it is better to leave it to the hands of a professional wedding planning – personalizing your weddings plans as you go. Planning a local wedding can be stressful enough, and it is believable that planning one abroad is going to be any easier. Problems such as language barriers and destination knowledge could be challenging for Asians who plan to tie the knot in western countries such as Boston, United States. Wedding experts would recommend couples to benefit from the expertise of wedding planners as they have the right network of vendors, local knowledge as well as ensuring that your weddings looks stylish and splendid.

If You Are In Boston, Choose The Best Limousine Services!

If you are in Boston, heading out to the hotel or an important business meeting, then you must go for the best limousine services. This will ensure you the necessary comfort and safety conditions. The mission of the best companies that offer limousine services is to become leaders in luxury transportation services. This means that they are all trying to offer the highest quality services in terms of ground transportation at the best possible prices. There is no possible reason why you should not choose the best ones for you and your business associates. If what you want and need is an epic experience then you should make the right selection.

What to search for in a limousine service company

3549547143_b8095a347c If You Are In Boston, Choose The Best Limousine Services!

A good limousine service company offers you the best options in terms of vehicles and customer service which needs to be highly professional, courteous and prompt. Your experience while riding in a limousine in Boston should be perfect from the beginning to the end. All applicable transportation rules and regulations are something these companies are definitely familiar with because those who offer limousine services know that their clients are mainly important business people and they do not make any compromise in terms of quality.

They know that all clients expect to find the best when they choose to rent a limousine. A good limousine service company should be able to provide professional limousines and amazing services for every event that is important in the life of their clients. Long distance trips and special request should never be a problem in their case.

Make the perfect choice

If you are in Boston and are planning to attend a special event then a limousine is what you need. Get ready to gain access to the best services offered by professionals in this field. Analyze your options, compare their offers and make your choice. Make sure it is a perfect choice because your special event deserves only the best attention. You deserve the best solutions in terms of transportation and the certainty that you will get high comfort and security during your travel.

Choose anything you want

If you decide to go to your special event or business meeting with important future associates by using a limousine for transportation then you should know that you can choose any type of limousine and services you want because professional providers have a wide variety of options ready for you to check. You can go for limo transportation for business meetings, for attending a special birthday party, for weddings, proms and all sorts of special night out with your friends in Boston. The atmosphere will be exactly as you want it to be because a limousine ride is as good as it can get in terms of shuttle services.


If you choose a limo for transportation then you should expect higher costs than in the case of public transportation. However, the increased costs definitely balance the quality and the variety of the services offered to you during your special limousine ride.

Choose the best limousine services in Boston because every moment spent here should be enjoyed to the fullest!

Bringing Up The Liveliness In Your Limousine

Limousines are naturally one of the most luxurious means of transportation. It is very different from travelling via public transport as there are many factors that allow it to stand out from its competitors. Whether you travel in one to impress others or make a statement upon your arrival, it is a functional vehicle that is capable of chauffeuring you from one place to another, in a stylish and punctual manner.

Some users rent it for their proms, weddings, corporate events and other prestigious events. Many celebrities are also known to reach their private movie screening venues in a flashy limousine. Take a read through the following list if you want to learn how to make your limo ride more enjoyable and lively!

14205093061_089cd73c34 Bringing Up The Liveliness In Your Limousine

Generous giveaways

If you plan to treat your friends and loved ones to a unique limousine experience, prepare bags for them as a token of appreciation for their willingness to join your little party. You can either hand them out yourself or seek the assistance of your chauffeur to do it for you. The list of items that you can insert in each bag is limitless. If you have a particular theme, you can fuse it into your bags. If your party involves mostly adults, you can put small bottles of liquor, champagne or even premium chocolates for that extra tinge of sweetness!

Giving pedestrians a glitter surprise

As ridiculous as it sounds, some people who rent limousines had something mischievous hidden up their sleeves during their ride. They took the liberty of tossing onto another vehicle just for kicks! But beware, not everyone has an adequate sense of humor and you might experience run-ins with the law, in some states, as a public nuisance.

If you still decide to partake in this genre of activities, you may want to wind it down a little bit. You can try replacing the eggs with a candy bar or two and you can also prepare inflated balloons with glitter dust inside. Pick a prime location to rise up from the sunroof and pop it! Let the dust fly to a passer-by, leaving them surprised and slightly amused. At the very least, it’s not dirty and your victims do not need a change of clothes after that.

Create a mobile club – Having a limo party

Fill the whole limo, except the driver’s area, with bubbles! You can do the aforementioned with a trusty bubble machine. Remember to hook up some disco lights to create that awesome party vibe. Don’t forget the booze as well as any other liquor for that extra kick! If your friends and you feel like it, open the sunroof and leave trails of bubbles behind your limo for bystanders to witness how fun it is to be in a limo and everyone’s having a ball.

En route to a particular destination but have nothing in mind?

If you rented a limousine out of pure spontaneity or you want to find something meaningful to while away your time? You have to make sure that you have a wide array of entertainment options ready at your fingertips. Ask everyone beforehand what their favorite movies, drama series or sitcoms are, and ensure that the final choices are something that everyone agrees on. Dish up some popcorn and you are all ready to turn your limo into a mobile movie theater!

Take plenty of pictures as your trip’s mementos

No matter what kind of pictures you plan to take, make sure it’s a myriad of candid, serious and model-looking photos. Catch your friends off guard by capturing their expressions when they happen to zone out for a couple of seconds. After that, you may make copies of the photos and collate in a single scrap book, as well as uploading them on Facebook and tag all your friends for everyone to have a good laugh.

That pretty much sums up a portion of the fun you can have in a limousine! Whether you need to hire one for a corporate event or just for a fun night out, hiring a car service can transport you to your destinations without experiencing the downsides of public transport.