6 Features You Should Expect To Find In A Luxurious Limousine

2935721039_11f56e82a7 6 Features You Should Expect To Find In A Luxurious Limousine

If you have never traveled with a limousine before then now it is the right time to do it! The prices have dropped considerably and there are also a lot of luxurious features and services which will make your ride a pleasant, comfortable and elegant one. So, take your partner, family members or friends and embark in a wonderful journey spiced up by the following exquisite limousine features.

1. Leather seats. Who wouldn’t want to sit in a comfortable seat made from natural leather? Well, luxurious limousines offer you this pleasure and you might also be happy to know that the leather seats can have different colors and nuances as well.

2. Quality interior lighting options. If you want to create the right atmosphere inside the limousine then the lighting sources installed in this vehicle will greatly help you. They can provide you a sufficient amount of light for you to look over some papers, work on your computer and so on. At the same time, these lighting options can be tailored to create a romantic atmosphere, perfect for those moments when you travel with your wife, girlfriend or fiancée.

3. Mini bar. Yes, you can even make arrangements to have a mini bar inside your limousine. Moreover, you can request for the mini bar to be stocked with certain alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks too, depending on your needs and preferences. This feature is very convenient, whether you travel with your long-time friend and you want to share a celebratory drink or with your kids who might enjoy a glass of natural juice.

4. Internet connectivity. Don’t miss out any email, Facebook status or business notification! In a luxurious limousine you can take advantage of permanent internet connectivity and you can use your smartphone, tablet or laptop in order to catch up with the rest of the world while you travel in style towards your destination.

5. Lots of leg room. In some cases, people struggle with little to no leg room during their trip, but in a luxurious limousine you don’t have such worries. There is enough leg room for you and your passengers and your comfort level will be high all the times.

6. Lots of head room. In a similar fashion, very tall persons might find it difficult to accommodate in different types of cars which are quite small. However, if you opt for a luxurious limousine then your ride will be safe and cozy as you have enough head room at your disposal, even if you are very tall. So, no more head banging on the roof of the car or staying hunched for hours during your trip.

These are only a couple features which will make your travel very relaxing and interesting, but there are plenty more to take advantage of. If you are interested about this and you need a limo rental in the near future then make sure that you contact us. Our experienced drivers are ready to take you to the destination for an affordable price!

Need A Car Service Right Away? Take Advantage Of Online Reservations!

6128808986_1571cfbba1 Need A Car Service Right Away? Take Advantage Of Online Reservations!

The internet offers you so many possibilities and opportunities these days and it is highly recommended for you to take advantage of. For example, if you need to be somewhere in the upcoming days, then it is a good idea to make a reservation for a limo or car service. This operation is quick, easy and it can save you a great deal of time and stress as well. Here is what you do in order to successfully reserve a vehicle for your transportation needs.

1. Find out about the rates of car services. Obviously, the length of the trip as well as the distance traveled will increase the price of your car service. Make sure that you know exactly where you need to be and when, before making car reservations. Also, usually you can open an online account as a customer for car services and this will allow you to make future reservations easier and quicker as well.

2. You have the possibility to request a quote. Do you want to know exactly what budget to prepare for your trip? Well, in this case, make sure that you take advantage of the “Get a quote” feature. All that you have to do is to input a couple of details about your trip and the destination chosen and that’s it. In a short while, you will receive more information about the cost of your car service, usually by phone or email, depending on your preference.

3. Make sure that you fully customize your travel! Especially if you are going to travel for a couple of hours in a certain day, it is a good idea to tailor this trip according to your wishes and needs. For example, how many passengers will be with you in the limousine? Do you want to make arrangements to pick someone along the route? How much luggage space do you need? Do you have certain special luggage such as golf clubs and so on which require more delicate care? Do you travel with small kids? Toddlers? All these details are very important and if you make the right choices, your ride will be absolutely sublime!

4. All major credit cards are accepted. You might be happy to know that you can pay directly with your card in just a few minutes. Also, you should rest assured that this transaction is completely safe, confidential and secure. Your information is not going to be stolen or handed to third parties.

5. Expect a quality car service which can save you a lot of time. Let’s say for example that you want to be picked up from the airport or you want to pick someone up from the airport tomorrow or in the following days. By renting a car or a luxurious limousine specially for this purpose, you avoid waiting at the airport for someone to pick you up, you avoid renting taxis which might be driven by inexperienced people and you will also have more peace of mind knowing that your ride is secured. You know the word: preparing everything on time is the key to success!

All in all, for any traveling needs you might have, contact our company today and we will gladly take you to your destination for a small price!

Have You Ever Wondered Why Stretch Limousines Are The Most Popular Ones?

8751104712_1ab9eee78e Have You Ever Wondered Why Stretch Limousines Are The Most Popular Ones?

There are many types of limousines available for renting these days, yet a large number of people direct their attention towards stretch limousines only, just as if other vehicles wouldn’t exist! Have you ever wondered why? What do those stretch limousines possess that make them so appealing and attractive? Well, there are a few reasons why people love stretch limousines:

1. Stretch limousines feature outstanding looks. From any angle you would look at them, they simply radiate elegance and luxury, even the oldest models. These limousines are not your regular cars, they make any trip special, regardless of its length or destination. Additionally, they come in a couple of neutral nuances and colors such as silver, grey or black which enhances their beauty even more.

2. Stretch limousines are very spacious. Indeed they are. Most stretch limousines can easily and comfortably accommodate about 4, 6 or even 8 persons. Other stretch limousines which are even more spacious can accommodate up to 14 persons. Also, not only that you have a lot of room at your disposal, but there is plenty of space left for your luggage as well.

3. Stretch limousines are imposing and breathtaking. This is perhaps the main reasons why they are so appreciated. They draw the attention of passersby simply because they are longer than other cars and they offer a striking, appealing visual impact. Arriving at various events in a stretch limousine will show that you are a person who cares for details and who respects himself and his passengers.

4. Stretch limousines are driven by experienced drivers. Yes, this is also true. Think about the fact that a stretch limousine is pretty long and in some cases, quite wide as well. If you are an inexperienced driver, it is very likely that you will not be able to handle and maneuver this giant vehicle inside a town. That is why limo companies hire only the best drivers out there. As a result, when you ride with a stretch limousine, you have the assurance that the driver has a lot of years of experience, knows the routes well and it is also very courteous and friendly too.

5. Stretch limousines are perfect for various events. It is very popular today to get a stretch limousine for your wedding or for your another similar event. You will feel really special in this magic day and you will have pleasant memories and beautiful wedding pictures near the stretch limousine as well. Additionally, different company owners rent stretch limousines for corporate purposes. Actually, if you really want to impress a client or a business partner and you want to convince him to buy from you or make business with you, pick him up from the airport in a luxurious stretch limousine. He will definitely be very impressed!

Now you know why stretch limousines are so requested these days and if you are interested, we also have a lot of such vehicles for you to pick from in order to arrive wherever you need to be in a quick and elegant manner! Just call us today and let’s discuss about your transportation needs.

Opt For The Bigger and Bolder Limos For Your Special Occasions!

7454527804_0115e2a3cd Opt For The Bigger and Bolder Limos For Your Special Occasions!

Back in the day, a ride with a luxurious, long limousine was something everyone dreamt of and only presidents and celebrities managed to accomplish this. However, things have changed, limo services became less expensive and better at the same time. Nowadays, you are strongly encouraged to rent a limousine for whatever event need you might have. Actually, the bigger limousines are the trendiest ones currently and they are perfect for the following occasions.

1. Going to concerts. If your favorite band is concerting in your town in the near future then by all means, you simply cannot miss this. Gather up a small group of friends, rent a spacious limousine and arrive at the concert location at the appointed hour. The best thing about the limo service in this case is that it can be fully customized. For example, you can choose whatever type of limo you want (such as a van, a stretch limo or even a bus limo) and you can also tailor the itinerary according to your needs, picking up some of your friends along the route.

2. Going to parties, proms, and similar events. A large and very spacious limousine can be extremely helpful when a large group of people need to be transported somewhere in a safe and elegant fashion. Why calling a few cabs and arrive at the party or prom separately when you can all get inside one luxurious and imposing limousine and start the party right here?

3. Going to sports matches and similar events. Yes, taking advantage of a large limousine when you want to see your favorite team is also a brilliant idea. Think about the fact that you will also split the overall limo service fee between yourselves and at the end of the day you will find out that you had a great time, you cheered for your favorite team and you also paid a very small price as well.

4. Going on a shopping spree with your friends. If you have reserved a day in your week for shopping with your friends only then a limousine can be the perfect transportation method for you and your mates. Not only that a stretch limousine, for example, can accommodate a large number of persons at once, but you ride will be smooth as silk and during the entire day you will be able to arrive at many famous shopping complexes and malls in your city. Basically, you don’t have to worry about parking spots or how to get to a certain mall, you only have to focus on finding the cutest skirt or the most attractive pair of shoes!

5. Going on country trips. Naturally-born traveler? Well, in this case, do it in style and in the company of your family members. If you rent a limousine for your transportation needs, you can see many cities in a single day and explore all the attractions and stunning corners of the nature with little to no effort!

So what are you waiting for? If you want to arrive somewhere in an elegant manner then make sure that you contact our company today and speak with one of our specialists.

5 Limo Facts You Didn’t Know Until Now!

6503349_f37cc8e90e 5 Limo Facts You Didn't Know Until Now!

When you are picturing a limousine in your head, you are probably thinking of those long, glamorous and elegant vehicles used only by celebrities in order to arrive at parties or various events. Well, this is entirely true, but actually how much do you know about limousines? For example, did you know that some of the best and largest stretch limousines can easily accommodate 15 persons and in some cases, even more than that? If your interest has been stirred then here are more fun limousine facts you might want to know.

1. Limousines were the first vehicles with air conditioning. Nowadays, air conditioning is usually standard in pretty much all types of vehicles, but back in the days, more exactly in 1939, it was a luxury feature and only available in some of the most expensive and modern cars and limousines. Air conditioning was optional for these vehicles and the clients who wanted to enjoy such benefits had to pay about $300 more.

However, don’t think for a second that the air conditioning units back in the days were as efficient and great as the ones we currently have. Actually, they occupied a lot of space, most of the times they didn’t work and they couldn’t even display the temperature!

2. The first stretch limo appeared in 1928 in Arkansas. Yes, believe it or not, these vehicles are almost one century old. Back in the days, they were used to transport big bands and that is why they got the nickname of “big band buses”.

3. The first limo appeared in 1902. This is a regular limousine, not a stretch one, and it firstly appeared in 1902. This was a very cute and well-thought vehicle: it featured a private, enclosed compartment in the back, just for the passengers, and the driver had his own compartment in the front, yet only the roof was covered. In windy days, the driver might have felt pretty uncomfortable, but at least the passengers were safe and sound!

4. The longest limousine has a length of 100 feet. Can you imagine that? It was built in 1997 and it can actually split in half in order to change direction. It features 26 wheels and they are grouped in 3 sections, in the front, middle and back of the limousine. This amazing, almost interminable vehicle was featured in different movies and shows and it also raised the interest of a large number of people who actually wanted to rent it for their transportation needs.

5. The president of the United States is transported with “The Beast”. This is the nickname of his private, custom-built, heavily-armored and pretty much indestructible stretch limousine. You probably already imagine that for safety and security reasons this limousine is entirely bulletproofed, it features exquisite communication systems a lot of other protection devices which will keep the president safe during trips all over the world.

Although we cannot help you have a ride in “The Beast” unless you are the president of the United States, we definitely can put a large fleet of luxurious and modern limousines at your disposal! Contact us today and tell us more about your transportation needs.

Top 4 Wedding Locations To Tie The Knot In Boston

3531451972_dab1aff1a1 Top 4 Wedding Locations To Tie The Knot In Boston

June is coming and I just sat down and started thinking at random about some of the preferred places that Boston‘s residents love to hold their weddings at – some of which I actually went down to take a look myself, just because I got curious. These places are actually very accessible for cars so you can rest assured that your guests can arrive without any difficulty, and for your hired car services. The venues that I listed below vary in their booking prices and will be great for people who have different budgets to work with. For your convenience, I’ve included their addresses and contact number, which you can immediately use after reading this article.

Speaking about working within budgets, I’d recommend that you find a specialized car and transport service for this special occasion – you’ll definitely get a bang for your buck and will be sure that they are well-trained and have the proper vehicles to portray that possible feel of luxury and etc. that you seek. Although, the venues may have contacts for such purposes, it may not be up to your standards sometimes. Alright, for all the couples that are tying the knot soon – below are 4 venues you’d definitely want to check out!

Alden Castle

You may choose between 2 captivating ballrooms that are situated inside a red-brick English Tudor-style luxury apartment building. Let’s start with the minimum number of guests they can host:

The Modern ballroom

• Seats 120 guests
• Beautiful ornate ceilings
• Neutral white-painted walls
• Luxurious Italian glass chandeliers

Want something much bigger? No problem.

The Vintage ballroom

• Seats 220 guests
• Additional luxury of 7 more chandeliers
• Oversized mirrors for that illusion of a bigger space
• Full-view windows that spans from the floor to ceiling

Address: Alden Castle, 20 Chapel St., Brookline Mass.

Contact No.: 617-854-5000.

Old Sturbridge Village

This is going to be great if you plan to have a vintage-style kind of wedding, and this place is filled with a distinct 19th century New England feel. Play around with ample space with this 200-acre campus; for those who dislike being claustrophobic, try out this area! Then if you’re looking for locations for a wedding shoot, this would also be one of the places that you might want to include in your list. Gazebos, vintage-looking buildings, and beautiful gardens – These make a memorable wedding photo piece!

Address: Old Sturbridge Village, 1 Old Sturbridge Village Road, Sturbridge.

Contact No.: 800-733-1830.

Museum of Science

Electrify your wedding, and literally send sparks flying; share with your guests a special electric performance, like how you and spouse’s love is filled with such dynamics. I haven’t really been to one that has this, you could be the first to invite me.

Address: Museum of Science, 1 Science Park, Boston.

Contact No.: 617-723-2500.

Griffin Museum of Photography

If you’re art lover, don’t miss this special gallery-style venue. Perhaps those wedding decorations, could be your pieces of work over the years, and feel that it’s high time that you share it with the ones who you care about. This compact venue can hold up to 60 guests at a time.

Address: Griffin Museum of Photography, 67 Shore Road, Winchester.

Contact No.: 781-729-1158.

Top 3 Places For An Awesome Night Out In Boston

Boston is known by its residents and visitors as an awesome city, where there are plenty of sights to see, things to do and, get an experience of a lifetime – and what’s even better is that there’s more fun packed for you even when the day gets dark! If you’re a party animal, there are many night clubs around town – you’ll never get bored as you can rotate around your choices, in case you want a change of environment.

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to one of these 3 night clubs for a pleasant drink, atmosphere, and meet more awesome people! Here’s a fun tip, try to organize something special for that night out, maybe you could cruise around town in a hired limo – perhaps a Black Lincoln for example, and arrive in a stylish fashion to ensure that all eyes are on you!

The Gypsy Bar

308490922_0cc8575f7f Top 3 Places For An Awesome Night Out In Boston

The Gypsy Bar is a multiple award-winning nightclub in Boston, which Boston Magazine itself features them as “Boston’s Sexiest Bar”. If you’re fond of celebrities or have one that you idolize – aha, you’re in luck as Celebrity DJs and special guests frequent this club, some of these VIP patrons are famous celebs (from pop musicians, rock musicians, DJs, models, and etc.) like Ashlee Simpson, Tommy Lee, DJ AM, the Playboy Playmates and many more counting! While you’re there you might want to be cautious around the bouncers (there’s minor complaints on their bouncers, as they somehow are overly strict with patrons) – perhaps due to the stress of managing huge crowd control every night. Remember to dress up for the occasion too, they are quite mindful of it.

The Roxy

For a hot night out, The Roxy is the place to be. It’s a 2-storey night club, with different themed nights, that’s rated 4/5 stars in Google reviews. This is ideal, if you’re a person who prefers to stick with one regular club but needs a change of taste every now and then. Oh yes, I was mentioning that this club contains 2-storeys – about that, the first storey contains a dance floor that’s equipped with 3-D laser lights for you to dance your hearts out and if you need to take a break, head on up to the second storey where there’s a balcony with 360-degree view at your disposal. 5 full service bars around the club, ensures that you never run out of drinks or get thirsty! The Roxy is indeed great for everyone, and is also known for its gay-friendly atmosphere and authentic/awesome bartenders who can mix up a drink with 100% effort!

The Avalon

Poppers & Lockers, Hip-hop dancers, club dancers, or casual dancers may come here! It’s all about dancing here at The Avalon! You would definitely want to dance away till the sun rises at The Avalon. What’s special about this club is that it’s situated in a historic building that can accommodate over 2000 individuals, so you can expect big-scaled parties! And it’s not all dance and no drinks – sip it up with their well-mixed drinks to excite those taste buds.

You might even decide to arrive at these night clubs in a limo so make use of our affordable limo services to make that cool impression!

Food For Thought: Top Places To ‘Queue’ For In Boston

Ever heard of the saying: “A hungry person is an angry person”? You got to put food in your tummies to subdue those growls; good food to be exact! Eat on – I mean read on to find out more about the next food destinations you can go to, to satisfy those food cravings of yours. Maybe you can plan a food-tasting marathon with your friends and arrange a chartered car service (probably one that’s best in accommodating a group; try a SUV or Van for a start) to either travel in a linear route or loop, whichever applies to your pre and post-dining plans. I’ve gathered two places you can drop by soon, when you plan to dine out:

Summer Shack

2220237005_ec26285b48 Food For Thought: Top Places To 'Queue' For In Boston

Definitely check this out if you’re a seafood lover? Does a sumptuous lobster dinner call out “Yummy” to you? Here at Summer Shack, they place their specialty in a casual and relaxed, kid-friendly atmosphere. If you’re spoilt for your choice, simply try out the following:

• For starters, try their fried clams that come with a crisp coating, and only going for $14, which is also so creamy and appetizing.
• For the main course, of course! You came here for the lobsters. They come in different sizes, and can be prepared by baking, boiling, grilling, or even roasting it in the oven.
• For dessert, try out their Indian pudding. This dish consists of cinnamon, cornmeal, and molasses.

Contact details are:

• 149 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge (+1 617 520-9500)
• 50 Dalton Street, Boston (+1 617 867-9955)
• summershackrestaurant.com
• Opening hours are from 1130am to 10pm

East Coast Grill

Enter this unique ‘tiki’ lounge that serves a combination BBQ and southern-based recipes. The kitchen is lead by Head Chef Jason Heard who has over a decade of cooking experience in Caribbean themed restaurants. You’d be sure that your taste buds will definitely dance with delight in the hands of his culinary creations. I’ve included a recommendation below, but it doesn’t mean that the lounge only has those; they are proficient with preparing almost all sorts of food, whether it comes from the land or sea. If you’re spoilt for your choice, simply try out the following:

• For starters, forget about tuna sandwiches and instead try something new like a tuna taco – Gently seared ‘ahi tuna’ wrapped with a taco outer layer, with a convoy of watercress, crisp jicama, and bouncy buffalo shrimp, I’d bet that all these items will be devoured in no time.
• Now that you’ve got all warmed up, the next item on the menu that’s suitable as a main course is none other than their ‘dry-rubbed’ ribs, and it is usually served with fresh cornbread and watermelon, for a cool and sweet finish.
• For dessert, there’s a specialty ice cream located two doors away called, Christina’s Ice Cream, you definitely do not want to miss out on their heavenly homemade ice cream.

Contact details are:

• 1271 Cambridge Street, Cambridge (+1 617 491 6568)
• eastcoastgrill.net
• Sun-Thurs 5.30pm-10pm / Fri-Sat 5.30pm-10.30pm / Sunday brunch 11am-2.30pm

Our car service personnel is well acquainted with both of these great dining establishments so if you want to make a trip there, we can make arrangements during your trip with no hassle. Book a car service with us together and add this to your itinerary!

Pamper Yourself With A Stay In These Boston Luxury Accommodations!

9902185903_3bc6cb49cf Pamper Yourself With A Stay In These Boston Luxury Accommodations!

Couldn’t agree more that a good place to rest while you’re away from home, is an essential component that contributes to an overall enjoyable retreat? Let’s tune up your selections from looking at 3-star hotels to 5-star ones! Before you begin, book a dedicated car service that provides an airport shuttle service to pick you up without delay upon your arrival, and send you off swiftly in utmost comfort and with a peace of mind; since you are going for a luxury stay, why not arrive in style in a Limo?

Back to business, below are a few top recommendations you can choose from for a luxury hotel. Whether you travel for leisure or for business, these hotels make sure that you enjoy the full-range of modern-style accommodation and up-to-date amenities.

Taj Boston

Taj Boston is part of the Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces family, as their U.S. luxury division since 2007. This hotel contains a unique set of details, and hence, a slight breakdown in point form on what this hotel offers will be easier on your eyes:

• Communication amenities that include a brand-new Cisco ‘Tele-Presence’ Room.
• 273 guestrooms, with 44 suites that offers authentic wood fireplaces – comes with a butler service to light up the fireplace for you too!
• Dedicated business area, for corporate individuals to get work done.
• Fine dining restaurants or cafes with AAA 4-Diamond ratings such as ‘Afternoon Tea in The French Room’, ‘The Cafe’, and drinks in ‘The Bar’ that plays live music.
• Shopping amenities include luxury boutiques such as Chanel and many more, and they are located in the lobby for the convenience of guests.
• Fitness center for working out to relieve a day’s built-up stress.

You would definitely want to check into this location the next time you come to Boston, and make good use of all the available amenities; see if this one-stop concept works for you.

Fairmont Battery Wharf

If you’re looking for a retreat that possesses a sophisticated feel, Fairmont Battery Wharf is right for you. The construction of the hotel consists of 3 newly built buildings and is set within a secluded and private area of Boston. There are only about 150 guestrooms throughout the hotel, but each of them is big enough to have:

• A cavernous work space
• A marble bath
• Stylish and modern technological features that adheres to 5-Diamond Standards.

All of Fairmont Battery Wharf’s dining choices include the AAA 4-Diamond ratings; dine in luxury as you satisfy your taste buds with a menu of contemporary French cuisine, mixed with both seasonal and local New England elements that are topped with international flavors and spices.

Nine Zero Hotel

Located in the heart of the city in downtown Boston, Nine Zero is one of the newest members to join Boston’s family of luxury hotels. It’s simply a well-balanced mix of elegance, style, comfort, service, structure, and function. For the modern business man or woman, this hotel is simply a haven for you! If you will be in Boston for a week straight or so, you might want to know that the hotel provides something called a weekend leisure package; so take one up to ensure that it’s not all work no play.

It is so convenient that it is very near to places like the Financial District, Boston Common, the Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, and Broadway Theater to facilitate business events, sight-seeing trips, and many exciting tours that await you. It’d be good too if you would decide to hold your meetings here as all the rooms have good aerial views of the city.

Traveling To Boston For Business? Find Out Where You Can Go When You’re Not Working!

Well, let’s see… You can’t be possibly working 24/7 right? Especially if you are overseas for a business trip! You got to make some time for personal R&R (just a military slang for rest and relaxation) too. Just go ahead and explore your current location with friends for company or you can choose to isolate a day just for yourself if you enjoy the feeling of the solitary. I believe if you are reading this, you are probably going to Boston or are already in Boston!

Without further ado, allow me to recommend you some awesome locations to visit. As a side note, you might also want to strongly consider in hiring a form of car service for easy traveling – in case you are not a person who enjoys squeezing in a crowded public transport. The car of your choice can pick you up wherever you are, and drop you at your destination safely and in style; trust me, it’s kind of necessary if you want to maintain that smart and savvy corporate image.

JFK Library – John F. Kennedy (Presidential Library & Museum)

3876438384_f2ea7289aa Traveling To Boston For Business? Find Out Where You Can Go When You're Not Working!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word library? Books of course! But there’s something more special about this location. Well, you guessed it right again. This building is a tribute to the United States of America’s 35th president, equipping it with valuable resources that cover topics that range from politics, history, and culture! Learn through exciting and informative exhibits that cater specially to the adult groups, and you never have to walk alone as there is a guided tour that makes sure that you don’t miss out on important details. If the main focus of your visit is to learn more about this amazing individual, you’re in luck as there are plenty of documents on his life, career, or legacy for your eyes to feast on.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston (MFA)

This is another work of art with over five thousand works of art to start with; their collection now in recent times has dramatically risen to six digits (numbers have gone up to about 400,000 and counting!). This museum allowed the public into their premises during the year of 1876. If it’s not impressive enough, MFA is also a distinguished art school in the USA that offers full-range academic courses for students who wants to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in Fine Arts. Some of the exhibits you might want to take note of are the ‘Return of the Dragon’ by Shōhaku, ‘Creative Process of Modern Japanese Printmaking’, and ‘American Gestures: Abstract Expressionism’. All these are happening during the span of June till August, so you have plenty of time to make it down.

The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is considered to be one of Boston’s signature tourist attractions. Thus, it’s a definite must-go! Experience American history in a walk-through concept that you have never experienced before, walks sometimes cover important historic milestones of the American Revolution. If you enjoy and can learn more by visual means and active participation, this educational trail is without a doubt the best lesson you’re going to experience!

One more thing, if you are in need of more places to visit, don’t hesitate to consult with your designated driver – their job is more than just chauffeuring you, they play the role of a good tour guide too!