Don’t Miss Out On These Awesome Steakhouses When You Are In Boston!

Remember that you might be the best person to choose to barbeque or grill a piece of meat, but the meat you use would never be close to the star class restaurant standard and quality of beef. The top restaurant standard beef can broil at much higher temperatures and also taste wonderful that is why these places are known as the city’s and even the world’s best steakhouses. All these places have great interiors, ambience, ranging from country style to near fine dining. But all of these places have one thing in common and that is a great piece of steak for all your hungry stomachs. In this article we are going to take you through Boston’s top steakhouses in alphabetical order, because we know all of them would please your taste buds just the same way.

Abe & Louie’s Steakhouse

The Abe & Louie’s steakhouse comes with a very elegant dining experience for you alongside their really great steaks that you would remember them for. Their main dining hall is really classy, with the standard and old time leather booths with decorations of ornaments. The interior also encompasses the olden days classic gold-leafs on its ceiling with much wood paneling by the walls. The Abe & Louie’s would definitely impress you with their huge menu where you are going to get spoilt for choice. There proportions are huge and you can see that right from the menu. You don’t just get great steak here, but you also get a large variety of appetizers, side orders and great wine. Yes, we did say wine!

One tip is to start off your meal with the well known lobster mac and cheese with yummy toasted crumb toppings, and then proceed by ordering a juicy and filling one pound center cut steak. You will get rich sides like creamed fresh spinach, onion string and sauteed mushroom which will keep you going for more and more. The best part is that the sides are served full, you are definitely going to have too much to finish when you eat at the Abe & Louie’s steakhouse.

Boston Chops Steakhouse

Boston Chops is going to give you such a homely experience with their warm interiors. They have the typical south western ambience with wood bars and huge ceilings, and their range of wine is just jaw dropping. You can choose any type of wine and they are probably ought to have it in their wine room. This is the place where you can look forward to having some raw food as well for those who like them. They are popular for their servings of fresh oysters and fresh shrimp cocktails right off the bar.

Their menu also has selections which are “rarely celebrated” so you can have a pick of them if you are feeling adventurous or if you are there indeed to celebrate an event. If not you can go with the standard steak of 22 ounce massive bone in rib eye steak and enjoy the buttery and creamy sauces which come along with your steak till its last drop. Remember that Boston Chops would give you an endless supply of fries with your meal so don’t you worry about finishing up the first basket!

The Capital Grille

9437818569_752aab17ab Don't Miss Out On These Awesome Steakhouses When You Are In Boston!

This is the place to go if you are looking for a high class experience in a steakhouse. Bring down your platinum credit cards to The Capital Grille steakhouse because this is the right place to be using it. This place is known for their huge cuts of beef and side orders. It is placed near to Atrium Mall and Chestnut Hill Mall and its rich look definitely fits the surroundings. The Capital Grille looks like a trendy, modern bar with its own VIP business class lounge glowing at you from the outside.

Their most popular dishes include the dry aged porterhouse which is 24 ounce heavy with lobsters which weigh even up to five pounds. Their Kona crusted dry aged sirloin covered with caramelized shallot butter is something that we can never stop eating or thinking about. They have lovely roasted potatoes and gratin potatoes that you should definitely try, and if you are a dessert person, look nowhere else. The Capital Grille has the best chocolate hazelnut cakes with dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut chocolate which would simply and easily complete your heavy and savory meal. Also remember that this place too has an extensive wine collection for the wine lovers to take their pick on.

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Boston Dance Centers You Can Visit For Short Dance Courses

There are many people who love dancing. If you are going to visit Boston in the near future, the fact that there are so many dance studios and restaurants that offer dance facilities means that this is something that you should definitely try out. Some of the benefits of involving yourself in dance include the fact that it will make you fitter, and will generally make your trip to Boston a lot more fun. In addition to that, the fact that some of the dance studios are so popular means that if you visit them, you are likely to get an opportunity to mingle with a large number of other people as well.

There are many different types of dance facilities in the city, which therefore means that virtually all tastes are catered for. Some of the most popular of these include:

The Boston Ballet School

4354486641_96c499ed6e Boston Dance Centers You Can Visit For Short Dance Courses

If you are going to visit the city for some time and are interested in taking part in a dance class, you could try out Ballet. The Boston Ballet School is located in 19 Clarendon Street, and is one of the most popular schools of its kind in the region. Most of the classes are open to everyone, and the school caters to both adults and kids. Some of the reasons why you should consider joining this school is the fact that it’s actually a lot of fun, and it gives you the opportunity to interact with other people who have a similar passion.

The Jeannette Dance Studio

This studio is located on 261 Friend Street. It is one of the most popular dance studios in the region, and has been in operation for quite a long time. The advantages of involving yourself in dance at this facility include the fact that they offer a large variety of dance styles including contemporary dance, ballet, hip hop and even jazz. They also have classes that are tailored to all age groups, so you and your kids can actually come and learn how to dance at the same facility when you are on holiday.

The rates for the dance lessons vary, depending on the age of the individual as well as the program they choose. However, you can be assured that you will get very good value for money when you join this dance studio, since there are many people who have tried it and found it to be well worth it. Another advantage of learning how to dance here is that you will have full control over how many lessons you get. Rather than forcing you to pay for a batch of lessons, you can opt to pay for the lessons per session. This is ideal for someone who might not be in Boston for a long time, but who still wants to take part in excellent dance classes.

The Boston Ballroom Dance Center

There are many people who would love to learn how to ballroom dance, but few get the opportunity to learn this. Fortunately, Boston has one of the best dance centers you can use for this. The Boston Ballroom Dance Center is dedicated to providing all services related to ballroom dancing, from providing the lessons to organizing tournaments. In addition to Ballroom dancing, they also offer hip hop, Latin and jazz dance lessons as well. The center is run by award winning dancers which means that not only are you likely to learn perfect form, but you will also take a shorter time to master the moves as well. Even if you have never participated in such a dance before, you will find the lessons at this facility to be right up your alley.

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio

This is yet another dance studio that specializes in providing ballroom dance lessons. One of the benefits of visiting this facility is that the lessons are easily customizable, so you don’t need to stick to any regimen that you are not comfortable with. For instance, if you are going to have a wedding in Boston, you might want to go through a short dancing course just so that you can do it during the reception. In such cases, this dance center will give you the basic instructions you need. The school will also charge according to your needs, so you don’t have to pay for the whole course if you are only interested in a short course.

All in all, whether you are visiting Boston for business, for pleasure or for your wedding, visiting some of these dance facilities will always be a good idea. Not only will you gain some new skill, but it will also turn out to be a very good way to interact with the locals, to keep fit and to gain some confidence. If you are thinking of visiting some of them to find out more about them, you should consider renting a car to do so. This is usually the most convenient way to handle the logistics of doing so for people new to Boston.

5 Star Hotels You Can Stay At While In Boston

A large number of people usually want to live the high life at some point in their lives. One circumstance where this is particularly true is when you are travelling to a new city such as Boston. Whether you are visiting the city on holiday or for business purposes, most people will want to try out some of the high quality accommodation amenities in the region.

Fortunately, this is not very difficult to do. The city of Boston is home to a large number of very good hotels, and a good number of them have a five star designation. This means that if all you are looking for is luxury in your accommodation, you will never be short of hotels you can choose from. Some of the most popular of these include:

The Ritz Carlton

2581483002_2f2676130c 5 Star Hotels You Can Stay At While In Boston

The Boston Ritz Carlton has a commanding presence, located between the theater and financial districts of the city. The fact that it’s close to these areas means that staying here gives you the ability to do business and enjoy the arts with ease, since it’s centrally located. Some of the amenities you can enjoy when you stay at the hotel include deluxe bedding, large bathtubs, fitness centers, a swimming pool and even a contemporary art collection.

The Eliot Hotel

This happens to be one of the most refined hotels in the region, and in the state. It has 79 suites and 16 rooms, and is usually ideal for people who want nothing but the best in life. Some of the features you are likely to benefit from when you stay at the Eliot Hotel include high speed internet connectivity, turn down services, complementary shoe shine services and many more. In addition to that, staying at this facility will make it much easier for you to organize the rest of your trip in the region. A concierge is available, and they will make an effort to organize activities such as visits to tourist attraction sites so that you don’t have to. In addition to all the above, the hotel also has one of the best restaurants and chefs in the region, ensuring that you culinary experience is a five star experience as well.

W Boston

The W Boston hotel is located in the theater district in Boston. From the moment you step into the hotel, you will immediately sense the sophistication and culture both in the ambience and in the detailing in the design. One other benefit of staying at the W Boston is the fact that you will get excellent concierge services as well. Whether you need hard to get tickets or want to visit the local historical sites, all you need to do is inform the concierge and they will arrange everything for you.

The Four Seasons Boston

Most of the Four Seasons facilities around the world are known to be of very high quality, and the Boston branch is no exception. The hotel overlooks the public garden, which means that you end up getting an excellent view all round when you stay in any of the rooms. One of the reasons why a large number of people prefer to stay here is the presence of one of the best restaurants in the region – the Aujourd’hui – within the hotel. The hotel has 83 suites and 272 rooms, which means that you are unlikely to miss accommodation in it. All of the rooms and suites are very well furnished, giving the patrons an experience they are unlikely to forget.

The Loews Boston Hotel

This is a hotel that has been recently renovated to give it a more modern look and feel. As a result, the interior design gives off a warm and vibrant vibe, while at the same time maintaining a level of luxury that is only available in a 5 star hotel. The hotel is located by the Charles River, and this makes it the perfect base for you to operate from when you need to explore the rest of the city and the surrounding country. The hotel is not as expensive as most of the others in this list, but you will still get very good value for money by staying here.

The Ames Boston Hotel

Opened in 2009, this is currently one of the most recent 5 star hotels in the region. As a result, it has been designed with very modern style elements, despite the fact that it’s located in one of the oldest buildings in the region. As a result, most people who experience it for the first time often get a sense of a fusion between history and modernity. The hotel has 113 rooms, a restaurant, a bar and fitness centers which means that you are likely to find everything you ever need under one roof.

As you can see, the city of Boston has a lot to offer in terms of five star hotels. If you are planning on staying in any of the above, you should also consider renting a limo to get you to and from the hotels to make the whole experience all the more luxurious and convenient!

5 Gyms To Help You Keep Your Fitness Level Up When Visiting Boston

If you intend to visit Boston for business, one of the important things you need to keep in mind is that your fitness level will affect your performance. People who are fitter than others tend to look and feel good, and this makes it much easier for them to have an impact in business circles. For instance, if you look fit as a result of regular exercise, you are likely to be more authoritative and confident, and this will in turn make it easier for you to do business with the people around you.

This basically means that if you are going to stay in Boston for a while on business, it would be a good idea to consider exercising on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are many ways for you to do this while in the area. For instance, you could decide to be going for a jog on a regular basis in the parks. The other alternative would be to join one of the many gyms in the city. Some of the best of these include:

The Healthworks Fitness Center

This is a gym that is located at 441 Stuart Street in Boston. It is one of the most popular gyms in the area, and has received excellent ratings from people who frequent it. Some of the benefits of joining this gym include the fact that they have excellent short term packages, which make it ideal for people who are likely to not be around for a long time. In addition to that, the fact it is so popular means that it also makes an excellent venue for those who are interested in mingling with other people. Finally, the trainers are very friendly and professional, which means that you are likely to benefit greatly from them.

Peter Welch’s Gym

This is a gym located on 371-393 Dorchester Avenue. It is not as large as the Healthworks Fitness Center, but still has very good reviews from people who use it on a regular basis. One of the things you are likely to be pleased about by joining this gym is the fact that the gym has trainers who are very friendly, so you are unlikely to feel out of place when you visit. In addition to that, they also offer a wide range of services over and above the regular gym facilities. Some of these include boxing and even spa services.


15236367697_95d68e4cbb 5 Gyms To Help You Keep Your Fitness Level Up When Visiting Boston

If you are interested in making your workout sessions a lot of fun, then joining equinox is likely to be one of the best ways to go about it. The gym offers all sorts of services, but the most popular of these is the pilates class. These are frequented by both men and women, and if you are interested in trying this out for the first time then there is no better place to do so. The staff at this gym ensure that they make the whole experience fun and exciting, which means that you are likely to find yourself visiting them over and over again.

Zone5 Fitness

Located on 3 Hancock Street, this is one of the most accessible gyms in the city. One of the major reasons why it might not appeal to some businesspeople is the fact that it opens at a time that most are usually not comfortable with. It usually opens at 6am every day, which means that if you are interested in going to the gym at 5 or earlier then it might not suit you.

However, if the timings are not a problem for you, choosing to work out here will turn out to be well worth it. Some of the reasons why many people like it include the fact that it’s always clean and neat, and the staff are always friendly and professional.

Women’s Fitness of Boston

This is yet another of the most highly rated gyms in the city. It is located on 27 School Street, and has a wide variety of fitness classes on offer. The personal trainers are well trained and available in reasonable numbers, so you are unlikely to have any difficulty getting help from them. The gym also happens to be one of the cleanest in the region.

In summary, even if you are visiting Boston for a short time, enrolling to any of the above gyms is highly recommended since it helps you keep fit which will in turn help you fulfill your agenda well. To make it even more convenient to get to any of these gyms, you should consider using car hire services to get to and from them. This way, you will have more control over your itinerary, and you can go to the gym at whatever time you want without the limitations associated with using public transport. Besides very convenient, this also happens to be a very cheap way to get around.

The Most Popular Desserts To Eat When You Are Touring In Boston

Boston is home to some of the most delightful desserts that can ever touch your tongue. It would really be very hard to assess which among these food choices are top on its class but of course, there is always a few good things that can be recommended to locals and tourists alike. If you want to know the most popular desserts in the city, the following options are highly recommended.

Taza Cremeux

The name is kind of hard to pronounce, just like other desserts, but it is definitely one thing that will melt your heart out. This chocolate dessert is worth taking note of despite the fact that you may see it is not too different than other sweet treats since most after-eats have chocolate in them. The combination of Harvest’s vanilla malt sauce, milk chocolate, brown sugar granola, salted caramel and house-made sea salt resulted to a mouth-watering dessert like no other. Eating this food will somehow make you imagine anything that is associated with chocolates. The cake is perfect. It is fudge and is filled thickly with caramel but it is balanced by the sea salt and cream that has been fused into it. This chocoholic dessert is worth every word of praise you will give it.

Coconut Cream Pie

6161694766_3a3a7e3e1a The Most Popular Desserts To Eat When You Are Touring In Boston

If you are not a fan of desserts, your world will change once you come across Myers + Chang’s Coconut Cream Pie. This is a pie like no other since it comes in sizes that are perfect for individual servings. It has a buttery dough and is filled with sweet coconut cream combined with a dash of whipped lime cream. On top of it, you will see toasted coconut flakes that make this simple dessert a delectable choice. Coming from an Asian restaurant, you might underestimate the taste of this sweet course but once you have tasted it, your first impressions will go wrong. Add to that the fact that it was concocted by no less than pastry chef extraordinaire Joanne Chang, you will certainly expect the unexpected. Your actual taste of this dessert will take you to a whole new different perspective.

Boston Cream Pie

If you are looking for authentic Boston dessert, you can never go wrong with the Omni Parker House’s offering – the Boston Cream Pie. The house is a luxury hotel that seats on the heart of the city’s downtown and is located in the famous Freedom Trail. Named as Massachusetts’ official state dessert, you will be surprised to find out that this pie is not actually a pie although it is called as such. It is a two-layered sponge cake filled with creamy custard and is finished with a mouth-melting chocolate. This dessert is a perfect addition to your every visit to the city and for sure, you will want to ask for more of this not-so-sweet treat.

Olive Oil Ice Cream

The name sounds odd for first-timers to this treat but once you get the taste of it specialty, you will surely learn why it is considered one of the most popular desserts in Boston. What makes the entire tasting of this dessert a good one is the fact that it takes you to a smooth, fruity experience that will captivate your heart. It is luscious and super creamy balanced by saltiness like no other. Take it as a more modern version of the ice cream that you have always been used to. Have a bite of its chocolate shell and taste the sea salt that adds more flavor to the mixture. Order cinnamon sticks and enjoy the Olive Oil Ice Cream like you have never eaten anything like it before.

Smoked Chocolate Bread Pudding

While considered a newbie in the world of desserts in Boston, the Smoked Chocolate Bread Pudding coming from Alden and Harlow is worth its popularity. It is unique and is nothing compared to chocolate bread pudding you have tasted in the past. It is smokier and darker, warm yet soft and is contrasted with the cold ice cream that gives it a refreshing flavor. You can say it is a turn-off considering that smokiness is often associated with savory dishes but you have to taste the dessert first to prove your impressions wrong.


An offering from profiteroles oozes in the mouth with its caramel sauce and ice cream flavors. This creamy delight from the restaurant situated in Charles Street matches the Italian setting and is a great finish to the heavy yet gastronomically satisfying menu you have eaten.

Satisfy your cravings with any of Boston’s popular desserts and you will surely come back for more. Make your adventure to tasting these sweet treats even better by hiring our car services that will take you to these restaurants that have placed Boston on the world’s dessert map.

Planning A 4-Day Stay in Boston?

Considered as one of the most historic cities not only in Massachusetts but in the whole of the United States, Boston boasts of a lot of interesting things that you can include in your to-do-list when planning to stay there. Yes, it may not be as large as Chicago or New York but it can somehow match what these cities can offer when you are planning a perfect 4-day holiday getaway. It is true that it is not as busy as these cities and you can even have a more relaxed time during your visit but you will be surprised to have loads of fun when getting through all streets and tourist destinations in Boston. As proof to that, here is what you can include in your four-day visit to this ‘big town’.

Your first day in Boston

You can walk through Boston’s 2.5-mile Freedom Trail that can take you to some of the most historic monuments and sites the city is known for. A tour to this trail in Boston alone will surely fill-up your one-day schedule. It may sound tiring considering how long the trail is but you can get a stop at each site and see what is in store for you in this place. It will take you to Boston’s rich historical past as it makes you appreciate the scenery around it. Being one of America’s oldest cities, nothing can go wrong as you take this trail.

You can also spend some time having lunch at the Freedom Trail’s Quincy market, the Faneuil Hall in particular. Grab a sushi or a sandwich and fill up your stomachs after some hours of walking along the trail. Get ready for a fill of a local New England specialty, the clam chowder. Explore the market and you will see a lot of places to satisfy your palate.

Spending your second day in Boston

6969794072_b8030171ea Planning A 4-Day Stay in Boston?

There are many places in Boston that can actually give you a breathtaking experience for each particular day of the year. If you are to spend winter there, Boston Commons is a place to spend your second day. This spot boasts of different paths that are great for both adults and kids. The Frog Pond allows skating during this time of the year. You can also spend summer in this tourist spot since its giant park is so inviting to the eyes of locals and tourists. During this time of the year, you can also swim in Charles River. If you are visiting Boston on springtime, the Public Gardens is one to watch out for. They allow for a swan tour during the day or you can take a walk and get captivated with the spring flowers in bloom during this season.

If you have your kids with you during the trip, you can bring them to the Museum of Science too. The museum exhibits a lot of great things that your kids will love. No doubt, it is considered one of the best museums in the land. Outer space exhibits make it even more outstanding.

Your third day in Boston

If you want something new to experience on the third day, that is apart from the historical trips you explored on your first two days, then visiting Boston’s aquarium would be a great choice. What makes this aquarium a fascinating spot is the fact that the fish are not too crowded in one spot plus you get to know the different species as well as learn more about how you can protect the oceans.

Another thing to include in your to-do-list on your third day in Boston is a visit to Prudential Tower. This towering structure will take you to an in-depth experience as you get to see the whole of Boston from atop the tower. Meanwhile, if you are in Boston during fall, you can take a tour around Arnold Arboretum to witness beautiful falling leaves over the 260-acre space. A glimpse of the spot’s flowers, a view of its gardens and a walk through its running trails will complete your already full-packed day.

Your last day in Boston

This is your last chance to see the most popular spots in Boston. Why not visit Cambridge’s Harvard University campus for a free tour. This tour will take you down memory lane as you get to know the famous university better through its history and structure. Get mesmerized by the architecture that made it even more popular to many and learn about the myths that have surrounded the university since its inception in 1636. Get fascinated with the musicians playing great music along the streets of Harvard Square.

A visit to Boston will really be loaded thus a four-day stay in the city will certainly offer you a list of numerous things to do. If you want to enjoy the tour even more, you can hire a vehicle from Boston City Ride. We can take you to many Boston destinations and make the entire tour a lot easier to manage!

Do You Want To Visit Thrift Stores And Bargain Shops In Boston?

A visit to any place will not be complete unless you visit shops where you can get some items to bring home with you. The problem is when shopping often comes last on your to-do-list, you may already run short of cash at the end of your trip. During your stay in Boston, however, it is noteworthy that you have a list of thrift stores and bargain shops to visit. Whether you are shopping during your first or last day in the city, the following stores will be definitely worth a visit.


Located along Jamaica Plain, Boomerangs is a one-stop shop that offers the best selections to its consumers. You can get secondhand items from popular brands like H&M and enjoy unique items to behold and take home with you. Get a selection of sombreros that come in different shapes and sizes or try on some ladybug printed pants. You can also buy some great items for your kids like children’s cowboy boots and denim jackets coming with a beaded mermaid design on its back.

Apart from fascinating apparels, Boomerang also provides you with a list of shopping items from jewelries to furniture. Get golf shoes or copper tea kettles and with every purchase you make you will be able to support the cause of the AIDS Action Committee. You will never be guilty of going out on a shopping spree with the mere fact that you are giving off something for charity.

Urban Renewals

This bargain store located in Allston offers the best bargains for people like you who want to buy more for less. It is more of like a warehouse thus you should expect the store to be packed with an amount of merchandise that is overwhelming to the eyes. Its Spartan-inspired design adds more attractiveness to the items found inside it. Get bargains on clothing for men, women and children or grab one from its book and housewares selections. It is so easy to shop in this thrift store since the items are arranged according to color and are neatly stacked into the store’s shelves. Most items are priced below $5. Isn’t that a great way to save on your shopping?

Buffalo Exchange

31090229_919408b704 Do You Want To Visit Thrift Stores And Bargain Shops In Boston?

For those of you looking for small pieces to bring home to family, friends or officemates, the Buffalo Exchange is worth visiting. This is the home to the best bargains in terms of accessories. Located at Davis Square, this is shop boasts of trendier, fashionable and more affordable finds from famous stores like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. In this store, you will get long-beaded necklaces, fashionable sunglasses and a wide selection of bow ties and suspenders. It keeps up to the latest trend and adds whatever is in style in the world of fashion accessories to its showcase. You can also proceed to its branch in the Harvard Avenue.

Second Time Around

Situated in Newbury Street, Second Time Around is the home for many shopping opportunities from high-end blazers to gowns coming from world-renowned names in the fashion industry like Giorgio Armani and Coco Chanel. High-end as these finds are, you will be surprised to see that Second Time Around sells them at a discount. You might be happy to find branded clothing selling at a price of $600 but of course, you will surely be fascinated to see other trendy pieces that sell at markdown costs. Other stores for Second Time Around can be seen at Harvard Square, Charles Street and Coolidge Corner which are just a few blocks away from the store in Newbury.

Garment District

Garment District, a store found along Cambridge, is a thrift shop that offers a vast selection of costumes and other items that will be great to bring home with you. Get clothing ensembles for a certain festivity or simply purchase platform boots with matching military jackets to wear to a party. If you are not really looking for something that suits an event, you can still find a lot of worthy offerings from Garment District. A wool coat and a backpack, a t-shirt or a sweater – name it and the store has it. You will be astonished as to how your purchases are computed. They calculate it at $1.50 per pound. Yes, you have to weigh in all the garments to find out how much they are all-in-all.

Artifaktory Vintage Boutique

A shop found in Davis Square, with another on Charles Street, Artifaktory Vintage Boutique is home to everything vintage from shoes to dresses, from hats to jewelry and a vast selection of clothing pieces for men. These vintage pieces have been repaired before they were placed on the rack. A bonus comes with the fact that you can ask store clerks to assist you with what you are looking for.

A trip to all these thrift shops is worth including in your itinerary. Boston City Ride can bring you to these places thus you do not need to be worried about dropping by at one store and hopping to another. What’s more, if you are traveling in a group, enjoy utmost convenience from shopping from these thrift stores to mega malls while you do not have to worry about all your shopping bags – Boston City Ride has you covered!

Top Tips For Hiring A Wedding Limo Service

Limo services have something in them that makes every occasion so special. For those of you who will wed soon, you will surely love the thought of hiring such services too. Come to think of how special it can make your wedding day and you will surely be more than willing to ride one to and from the church. Remember though that you cannot just immediately choose the first limo hire you will see across the street. It will take some pointers to come up with the most appropriate decision. Here are some crucial tips to remember to get the results you want when hiring a wedding limo service.

600869203_f84d13eef1 Top Tips For Hiring A Wedding Limo Service

Consider hiring in advance

You cannot just sit down and relax then wait for a limo service to approach you a day before your wedding. Otherwise, you will end up regretting having to hire such services. It is imperative for you to plan in advance and when doing so, you also have to hire the service in advance. Basically, a month before the wedding may already be ideal but if you have some lead time, then perhaps, thinking of booking several months before the big day will be recommended. This will help you choose the ride beforehand and make sure that you get the vehicle you want for your wedding day. Giving yourself time to hire the service will certainly allow you to haggle with the provider when it comes to the package you want.

Name matters

If you want this to work for your big day then you must consider a trustworthy service provider. Reputation does count when it comes to hiring limo services for your wedding day. This may require special attention on your part since you need to do some research before booking with the company of your choice. If you can ask friends and other people about their actual experiences with the provider you are considering hiring, the better. If you cannot, however, you can check some testimonials and reviews online. Pay particular attention to what these reviews have to say about punctuality and professionalism. You would not want getting late and keeping your guests waiting during the big event.

Hire a service that is parallel to your wedding theme

Many weddings these days are centered on a particular theme. It would be good then to hire a wedding limo service that harmonizes with your own wedding motif. If you have a particular color in mind, you might want to check if the company can offer one that complements that color too. If you are not too picky in terms of color ensembles, though, you can ask the service provider to offer a limo that will blend well with your theme.

It would be good to check on what comes with the hire

You will surely be more than happy to be able to book the limo hire that can bring you to and from the church. Beyond that, however, you may want to consider some other add-on with the service. Of course, you would want to make sure that the ride is in perfect running condition. That is certain when hiring a wedding limo service. On top of that, though, you will surely be delighted once you find out that the company will be ready to offer more. Chocolates, a bottle of champagne and other perks will definitely make you want to hire that service immediately.

Fee and time is crucial

Limo hire services commonly compute their fees based on the number of hours with which you will make use of their services. When the provider calls for a per hour rate, you have to check right away if it meets your budget. Make sure too that the service is made available to you for at least a minimum of three hours. This would include the time when you will be picked up and dropped off to church and the time when the ceremony goes until you will be brought to your reception. If you are willing to pay more then ask how much you should allot for the service, in case you would use it until all of the parts of the wedding ceremony and reception are completed.

Make sure they give room for extras

When negotiating fees with the wedding limo hire, you have to make sure that you can also negotiate for extras in case you exceed the time you have agreed upon. A trustworthy service provider will be more than willing to extend a helping hand whenever the situation calls for them to do so. They will definitely pay attention to your needs and will always consider what matters most to you as their customer.

If you want a trustworthy limo hire for your wedding day, then you can count on us. We, at Boston City Ride, endeavor to provide you a ride that will make your big day worth remembering!

Where Can You Go To Enjoy The Great Nightlife In Boston?

Movies, music events, comedy clubs, dance clubs, sports bars – name it and Boston has it. This proves that this city boasts a great load of nightlife destinations that both tourists and locals can enjoy. Take note though that these nightlife destinations close earlier than usual as compared to other nightlife destinations in larger cities. Despite a shorter time with which you can enjoy what the night can offer, it still pays to visit the following ‘tourist spots’ during the evening.

Movie theaters

Watching movies is already a part of the nightlife in most bustling cities in Massachusetts. Boston offers that same kind of fun and entertainment for its visitors and residents. The likes of Loew’s Boston Common is one of the places where you get to enjoy short commercial flicks while watching indie, foreign and other types of film genres.

Comedy bars

A night of fun and laughter is sure to take the rest of the night away when in Boston. You can enjoy a fusion of standup comedies, comic theater and ensembles in places such as the Improv Ayslum, a comedy bar situated at Boston’s North End. You can even visit this place together with your family and friends. Take note though that some comic bars are open with some age restrictions so you better check before bringing kids along with you when you visit these nightlife destinations.

Dance clubs

3723627021_b43a890b00 Where Can You Go To Enjoy The Great Nightlife In Boston?

When you want to dance to the groove of the music, then Boston Dance clubs would be a great way to spend the entire evening with friends. Each of the dance clubs in this city is defined by their own culture and style with some playing hip hop music, others popular tunes and some others more akin to mixing a Reggaeton vibe. While there is an established difference between a club and that of the other, you can be sure that you can dance the entire night away with any of your dance club choices.

Boston bars

Those particularly located near Fenway Park offer a variety of entertainment and fun during the evening. You can either enjoy a mug of your favorite beer while watching Red Sox games on the big screen or you can enjoy eating outside and relaxing especially during the warmer months of the year. You can even reserve seats on the rooftop deck of these bars if you feel like it. You can also be entertained with live music coming from Boston’s very own House of Blues.

Grand Canal

This bar located near TD Garden is considered one of the most favorite spots for tourists and locals wanting to experience the liveliest nightlife activities in Boston. It is particularly situated along the West End neighborhood together with some popular sports bars, Irish pubs and dance clubs. The whole area is fully-packed during weekends though since large crowds come out for a treat from these bars and clubs.

A taste of history through other Boston bars and taverns

One such particular bar that offers a different touch to their nightlife is the Bell in Hand. Known as part of the list of historic bars in the city, this place has been a regular spot where the likes of Sam Adams and Paul Revere shared great food and coffee with their friends. Other Patriots of the American Revolution were also known to have enjoyed this place. This is of course just one of the bars in Boston that talks a lot about its history. Visit them and for sure, you will have something to brag about in terms of the city’s history when you get home.

Boston’s Irish pubs

Along Brighton neighborhood, you will see an Irish pub called An Tua Nua. What makes this destination so popular is the fact that it welcomes every guest with warmth, an asset particularly connected to the people of Ireland. All these Irish pubs show the rich Irish heritage of Boston. You can also enjoy live Irish music in these pubs.

Sports bars

There is a list of many sports bars in Boston where you can spend a great evening getaway with family and friends. For one, there is the McGreevy’s, situated in Fenway Park, that is known for its comfortable seating and great brew that can be paired perfectly with what you can watch in their huge screens. Do not underestimate this bar since it offers the most excellent pub food you can ever taste along Boston.

Some other sports bars in the Boston have created a name for themselves. Thanks to the fact that they have been named after some of the most popular Boston athletes of all times. One such sports bar is The Fours, the number associated with the Bruins Bobby Orr. Another bar is called Jerry Remy’s, named after Red Sox’s then second baseman.

Boston has indeed a lot of nightlife options for you and your friends. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies, dance the night away, be entertained and have a drink or two. All these will surely make you come back for more. Don’t forget to hire a great ride that can bring you to a couple of these places though. Contact us at Boston City Ride for more information!

5 Boston Hair Salons To Get Your Hairdo In Top Shape For A Business Meeting

Having a bad hair day can be very distressing, particularly if you are female. However, this is one of the things that you will often have to contend with when you are traveling. Fortunately, if you are travelling to a city such as Boston, this should not bother you too much. There is a wide range of salons and other hair care facilities that you can use to spruce up your hair if need be. A good example of this is when you are visiting the city for business, in which case you might need to get your hairdo in top shape to avoid having it looking messy and unprofessional.

You will find that in Boston, there are many salons you can attend if you want to. As you can expect, there are some that are better than others in terms of the quality of the work they do, their affordability and the variety of services they offer. Some of the most notable of these include:

The Avanti Salon

Located on 20 Newbury Street, this is one of the most prestigious salons in the city. Most people who visit it find that rather than just getting a haircut or other treatment, the staff in the salon actually go out of their way to make sure that their clients are satisfied by the time they walk out the door. For instance, there are times when you might not be sure that a particular look would suit you. In most other salons, you will be expected to make the decision on your own, with minimal input from the members of staff. However, the staff at the Salon will engage you on this, and will help you figure out what type of hairstyle to go for. The fact that they have a lot of experience in the industry makes their opinion very useful to many.

Biyoshi’s Salon

6131649700_76492de65c 5 Boston Hair Salons To Get Your Hairdo In Top Shape For A Business Meeting

This is located on 1382 Brookline St in Boston. Though it’s a regular hair salon, it is known to be one of the best facilities you can approach when you need to have the color of your hair changed. This is because the staff at the salon are very good at doing this, and also use some of the best products in the industry to come up with truly stunning results. Just to demonstrate how good the salon is, a large number of the patrons are regular customers; they never get their haircuts from any other salon in the region. Though the majority of people who visit are women who need their hair styled and/or colored, men who need a simple haircut will also find it to be the best place to get it.

Blondie Salon and Spa

Do you want your hair shaped in a certain manner, such as when preparing for a wedding? Visiting this salon on 401 Main St Waltham Mass, would be the best choice. In addition to styling and shaping hair, this particular salon is also very good at creating excellent highlights as well. Most of the people who have used their services have reported that they regularly exceed their expectations, which is saying a lot since a large number of people who live in the region tend to have very high standards when it comes to cosmetics and hair care. Another benefit of having your hair done here is that since there is a spa in the same facility, you can get all your beauty procedures including massage, eyebrow threading, body wraps and many more under one roof.

Salon Astante.

The people who run this salon on 251 Moody St Waltham have one policy: to ensure that their clients end up looking beautiful with as minimal fuss as possible. They strive to do this by using the simplest and more effortless methods to give you the kind of look you want. In addition to hair styling services, some of the other services you can get from the salon include all types of nail services, waxing and skin care. This means that you can get all your beauty related services under one roof with a lot of ease.

Salon de Cheveux.

There are those times when you don’t want to do your make up on your own, and would instead like someone else to do it for you professionally. In such cases, visiting this salon would be a good idea. Located on 661A East Broadway, the salon provides a wide range of services including hair and makeup services. Whether you are preparing to go for a wedding or a corporate meeting, popping here for a few hours will help erase the signs of fatigue due to travel, and help you get the look that you want.

There are many other top notch salons in the city that you can visit if you need to get your hairdo done but these picks are sure to satisfy you. To get to any of them, you should consider renting a town car service. This will allow you to travel in comfort, something that you will definitely appreciate after a long flight. More importantly, once you are done at the salon, your hired car can bring you to your business meeting on time!