5 Yoga Studios in Boston That Health-Conscious Tourists Should Visit

The benefits of practicing yoga have been known for quite some time now. There are both documented and anecdotal reports that detail the benefits of taking part in it, including the finding that it reduces stress and also helps in the management of conditions such as hypertension. However, the problem that many people find is that when travelling, it usually becomes difficult to keep up with their yoga sessions. For instance, if you are coming to Boston, the fact that you may be unfamiliar with most of the studios and might not know what to expect might cause you to abandon doing yoga for some time until you get back home.

However, the truth of the matter is that you don’t need to go to such extremes. One of the benefits of staying in Boston is the fact that you always end up getting access to many amenities, and one of these is yoga studios that will help you stay in shape even when away from home. There are some that offer excellent services, and these include:

North End Yoga

This is a yoga studio that is located on 256 Hanover Street in Boston. In addition to yoga, it also offers pilates classes, so you can consider trying them out if you are interested in the same. Part of the appeal of using this facility to practice yoga lies in the fact that it’s located in the heart of Boston. As long as you are within the Boston area, you will find it very easy to get to the studio with ease.

In addition to that, it is also staffed by some of the most knowledgeable members of staff. Most of them are very experienced in the art of yoga, and will give you all the information you need about it if you ask them.

Finally, the studio has very flexible payment schedules. For instance, if you are here for only a short time, you can pay for the number of lessons that you feel are necessary without having to pay in bulk for classes that you might miss. This makes it very easy for you to plan on how to use the services. It is important to note that this is one of the most highly regarded yoga studios in the city, having won numerous awards for several years now.

JP center Yoga

2470547374_1192129bc8 5 Yoga Studios in Boston That Health-Conscious Tourists Should Visit

This is located on 670 Centre Street in Boston. It is also regarded as one of the best yoga studios in the city, and most of the people who frequent it think that it could very well be one of the best in the state and in the country. Some of the features that make it a favorite of many include the fact that it has a lot of space, and that the instructors are very friendly. There are many different types of yoga that are taught here, so you are likely to find a class that fits the type of yoga you are particularly interested in.

Inner Strength Studios

Located on 309 Main Street, this is one of the most popular yoga studios in the region. For this reason, it usually attracts a large number of people daily. This might make you think that it would become very crowded, but the fact that it has more than 5,000 square feet of space for use more than compensates for this. However, the fact that so many different people come for yoga here means that it offers a perfect opportunity to not only practice yoga, but to also mingle with a wide variety of other people as well.

Health Yoga Life

The Health Yoga Life studio is located on 12 Temple Street Boston. It is run by four sisters, and offers a large variety of yoga lessons each day. The main principles followed in the provision of such lessons include fun, spirituality and inspiration. Most people who come for yoga here report that they often feel that they have spent their money well, which means that you are likely to have the same sentiment as well.

Back Bay Yoga Studio

Located on 364 Boylston Street, this also offers excellent classes as well. The only downside is that it tends to get a bit crowded sometimes, but this should not put you off from trying it out. The fact that the instructors are very friendly and are willing to work at your pace means that you are likely to find the atmosphere to be very enabling irrespective of what you are regularly used to in your usual yoga studio.

These are just a handful of top yoga studios that can be found in Boston, and which provide the best lessons in the region. Hiring a town car service to get to them is advisable if you are a tourist in the city, as it is very convenient and saves you the trouble of having to search for these spots yourself.

4 Restaurants That Every Wine Fan Should Visit When In Boston

There are many people who are interested in wines these days. To those who are uninitiated, this might not make a lot of sense, since one would mistakenly think that all wines are virtually the same. However, the truth of the matter is that different types of wines have completely different characters, and this is why many wine connoisseurs dedicate a lot of time to collecting and tasting them. If you are one such person, you would find it a lot of fun to visit Boston. This is because there are many facilities that offer patrons the opportunity to taste different types of wines from the region and from other parts of the world. Scheduling a visit to such facilities therefore makes a lot of sense. Some of the areas you can visit include:

Bin 26 Enoteca

This is a wine bar that is located on 26 Charles Street in Boston. This is one of the most popular restaurants in the region, and the main reason for this is that they have one of the most extensive wine lists in all the restaurants around. Most of the wines are of very high quality, and any wine connoisseur would easily find themselves at home if they visited. There are more than 70 types of wine that you can buy by the glass, and more than 200 that can be bought by the bottle.

In addition to a wide selection of wines, the other important feature of this restaurant is the fact that it’s very intimate. This makes it the perfect place for you to hold a romantic lunch or dinner. In addition to the wines, they also serve a wide variety of cheeses that go with the wine, as well as starters which include marinated olives and risotto balls. Other foods you can get include calamari, roasted lamb shank and other Italian dishes. If you are not very good at pairing food and wine, you should not worry since the staff will gladly help you do it.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

6794737833_9863d72380 4 Restaurants That Every Wine Fan Should Visit When In Boston

This steakhouse is located on 217 Stuart Street in Boston. It has an excellent wine list that caters to people who are interested in casual wine tasting, and to the more serious connoisseurs out there. In fact, this is one of the few restaurants in the region that has a reserve list, which allows one to order some of the rarest wines in the region. In addition to high quality wines, they also have a wide variety of steaks on offer including New York strips, fillet steaks and ribeye steaks. You also have the option of indulging in a wide variety of sides including creamy potatoes, cheddar cheese and many more. The one thing you can be sure of is that if you visit this steakhouse, you will end up find it very easy to have a wholesome dining experience, topped off with some of the best wine you can find in the city.

The Butcher Shop

Located on 552 Tremont Street, this is yet another high quality dedicated wine bar in the heart of Boston. As the name suggests, it also doubles up as a charcuterie, making it the perfect place to visit for those who might be interested in combining cold cooked meats with wines. One of the most outstanding features of this facility is the fact that it has a very simplistic design, which makes one feel at home with ease. The menu is not very extensive, but all the dishes that are offered are done very well. In fact, most people get the impression that by offering a small variety of foods, the staff are then given the opportunity to focus on only those foods, allowing them to create them to perfection.

Grill 23 & Bar

Located on 161 Berkeley Street, this is a grill and bar that has a classic American feel. The fact that it is primarily designated as a grill should not make you think that their drinks are not very impressive; the restaurant actually has one of the most impressive wine lists around. Since most of the menu comprises red meat, they have a wide selection of red wines to pair with the meals. The one thing you can be sure of is that if you visit it, you are likely to end up getting very good value for money from your meal.

These are just some of the restaurants and other eateries that provide high quality wines in Boston. If you are interested in visiting any of them, you should consider renting a town car or limousine service in Boston to get you around. This way, you only need to provide the above addresses to the driver, and they will then get you there safely, comfortably and on time. Using this means of transport is also cheaper than most people think!

Business Lunches In Boston | An Unique Experience For Your Business Partners And You

It has been proven that three quarters of Americans spend their time during lunch looking out their windows in thoughts about their lives and career. This is usually done on their desk, in their own work station cubicles. However, it has also been proven that business relationships and worker’s mindsets can be improved by having “power lunches” once in a while outside, as a team. Especially when there is a big project coming up, or if you are looking into expanding your company line, then the baby steps can be discussed and decided on a lunch table in a good restaurant rather than a meeting room like any other day.

For such business lunches, there are many cuisines that can be considered. You can go heavy with a native steak, or you can go posh with French or Italian. Some flavorful goodness of Indian or Mexican food would do the trick as well. It depends on what you think your company would like to enjoy while discussing important matters in a more relaxed way.

Abe & Louie’s

This is one steakhouse that was voted as the best in Boston for the years of 2004, 2005 and 2009. This three-time award winner is very popular, so make sure you get the seats reserved before going in for your company lunch. It has a high-class touch to its steaks but retains the local flavors. Abe & Louie’s also offer you some privacy with their private dining rooms in both their floors. This can be a good opportunity to step out of your office setting yet still retain confidential matters within closed doors, but with great food alongside so that your colleagues don’t fall asleep!

Smith & Wollensky Restaurant

11339051663_a1c354f117 Business Lunches In Boston | An Unique Experience For Your Business Partners And You

This is another classic steakhouse which will rob your heart along with the hearts of your colleagues. Their quality steaks and rich seafood will keep your crowd coming back for seconds and their simple indoor interior designing keeps things less fancy and more serious for work to be done during lunch. Simply put, it is a straightforward, plain and brisk dining place for a business dinner which doesn’t compromise on food quality and taste.

Houston’s Steak House

This steak house is also another popular choice that gets packed during every lunch, so again make sure your reservations are in check. Their trustworthy food choices and service keeps people coming back for more. Their waiters are always on their toes on who needs to make an order, needs a water refill as well as those who need their table cleared or their bills sent to their tables. The atmosphere here is not too tensed up for people to be uncomfortable, but just nice that your employees or partners can take a breather and a bite while thinking about the company’s future. If you or your people are getting sick of western food, fear not, because Houston now has a range of Sushi as well.

Sel de la Terre

Located at Back Bay and Long Wharf and this is the place to go if you want some French food with a local American touch to it. This is indeed a more posh and up-class choice of cuisine, but it is suitable if you want a pleasant lunch to please your partners. Although it is really labeled to be fancy, we feel the price is rather affordable for the luxury it provides. Consider the Back Bay location and that, we feel, is definitely is an affordable choice for a fancy lunch.

Grill 23 and Bar

This is yet again another very popular steakhouse but this comes with a posh bar for a change. It holds service that is very professional, and the staff team tends to give diners their own privacy and comfort. This might be an advantage to have confidential meetings at Grill 23. There are also weekly changes in the chef’s favorite dishes, so when you return back you can have some variety instead of facing the same menu.

Post 390

This place is located at the Clarendon Building and it is another high edge modern cuisine favorite. It has a lounge, a really classy bar and a rich atmosphere that your partners might really feel an air of distinction around. Although it is said to be rather a meat market, it is really perfect for confidential business meetings with really important people due to its rich outlook.

Finding trouble getting a good car to get your group of colleagues to lunch or thinking of getting a limo service to impress your business client? Fear not as Boston City Ride can handle it perfectly for you when it comes to your transport for these important business lunches. Call us now to get a quick quotation and then go ahead and make a booking for a punctual and quality service from us to impress your business partners!

Top Places To Get A Sugar Rush In Boston

It is actually far easier to label a restaurant for its good food rather than to name a place for good desert. Dessert bars, although the culture is rising up and spreading, have still not reached the level of popularity as some restaurants have gotten. However, for some places, there are too many good desert locations around that it is then also hard to pick one as the best one. Boston is such a place and it is really hard to narrow down a few places as the best spots to get a good dessert, but in this article we are going to try and do that. Do feel free to experiment around as these are definitely not the only places to get a good sugar rush, but these are probably the places you must try before moving on with your dessert adventures.

The Omni Parker House

312506507_03c9f4b652 Top Places To Get A Sugar Rush In Boston

The one thing you must try here is the Boston Cream Pie. This is really the taste of Boston and something that you cannot miss, be it you are travelling to Boston or you are a Bostonian yourself. This Boston Cream Pie was made first in the Omni Parker House itself, so you are definitely in the right hands to try the authentic Boston Cream Pie here. This is actually a grand, high-class hotel located right at the hub of Downtown and it is placed along the Freedom Trail.

The Boston Cream Pie is glorified as the official dessert of the state of Massachusetts. It is actually a cake more than a pie, although its name suggests otherwise. There are basically two layers of sponge cake and a great custard cream filling which is sealed over by hot and creamy chocolate. Mouthwatering eh? This dessert with the right level of cream and sweetness can make your day any day, so visit the Omni Parker House soon!

Alden and Harlow

This is a new addition to the list but that doesn’t mean it is not as good as the other older members. The Smoked Chocolate Bread from Alden and Harlow is something to crave for every time you think about bread. Just think of chocolate bread pudding, but imagine it to be much darker and smokier. That is the kind of flavor and texture we are talking about.

This dessert definitely goes into our list of comfort foods and it is best eaten topped off with cool vanilla ice cream as it is warm and soft itself. The smokiness is usually linked to savory items but do not doubt how the smoky texture could compliment such a sweet dessert such as this Chocolate bread. Alden and Harlow at Harvard Square has currently become the best spot to hang out just because of their Smoked Chocolate Cake, so if you are around the corner for some other work, be sure to grab some cake for yourself to savor.

Myers + Chang

Coconut cream pie from Myers + Chang is the thing you need to try before leaving Boston if you are a fan of coconuts. This dessert can even make people who are generally not a fan of sweet stuff drool over it. This is a real pie, with sweet filling of coconut cream and topped off with lime whipped cream which counters the coconut flavor for you. It is sealed off with coconut shavings which complete the rich indie flavor in your mouth. This Asian restaurant is known for its simplicity at the same time the sophistication of the dishes and culture. Run by a humble couple, this diner always has the queues for their pretty awesome coconut cream pie.

Ribelle Restaurant

You could queue for hours to grab a scoop of their Olive Oil Ice Cream. This is for the more modern diners who have a much defined palate to appreciate fine flavors. This Olive Oil Ice Cream is very creamy, rich and smooth with a strong pinch of salt and slight fruitiness. It is indeed a more modern touch to the old school conventional ice creams that we have but it is finished off with a rather old look with its chocolate shell covering the creamy olive oil ice cream school. It is also served along with a hot stick of cinnamon which invites you to the plate with its strong aroma. It brings a touch of smokiness to the plate of goodness too.

What you do not want after having a full tummy with a great dinner and lovely dessert is to drive back home or to find public transport or a cab to take you back home. A drink along with the dinner makes driving back a total no-no. Boston City Ride comes in handy to help you at this point as we can provide to you quick and easy taxi services to get you back home safely, after your long day and satisfying meal out in Boston. Call us now for a quick pick up and make a booking right away for your dinner later!

Off-The-Wall Brunch Places In Boston You Should Not Miss Out On

The brunch culture is growing as a trendy thing now over the past decade. More and more restaurants have dedicated even special menus for the brunch hour and with the office and student crowd who find it hard to find time earlier in the morning to eat breakfast or later in the afternoon to eat lunch, find it convenient to cover both meals with a large on. Albeit this may be unhealthy, it is still good fun to do once in a while. In Boston especially, many brunch places have opened up and the competition between them have made them grow in good quality as well. We are going to take you through and invite you to Boston’s finest brunch restaurants which will sweep you off your feet with their amazing, delicious brunch food.

Suckling Pig Brunch at Regal Beagle

3658609403_11f432dd93 Off-The-Wall Brunch Places In Boston You Should Not Miss Out On

This is a neighborhood restaurant but definitely a valuable one to have around. The Suckling Pig Brunch at Regal Beagle has special brunch menus but that is just not it. They provide you with more variety by changing the brunch menu every week so that each week’s brunch is brand new compared to the previous! Suckling Pig Brunch at Regal Beagle is available during every weekend and now also on Monday afternoons, to entertain the large crowd of office-goers who loves their brunch so dearly. Make your reservations now either by phone or online.

DJ brunch at Z Rant

At Z Rant, freshness is their priority. This is actually a great sandwich bar that is placed at at Central Square in Boston. Food is never frozen or processed in this bar as it is one of their policies to always serve only fresh goodness. This really keeps up their standard in providing delicious and healthy food. Enjoy the DJs spinning while you have your healthy sandwiches for brunch. They have an expanded brunch menu just for brunch lovers who visit the Z Rant, and it is filled with unique sandwich combos like Duck Chicken Sandwich which will keep you wanting more even though you are stuffed and full!

East Coast Grill

At East Coast Grill, you can make your own brunch and you can be your own bartender for your brunch! At Inman Square, East Coast Grill allows you to toss your own flavors and ingredients together to whip up your own sandwiches and pair them up with great cocktails. They have plenty of tremendously flavorful sauces to get your tongue wound up for more. With affordable pricing, this is the place to go for some healthy goodness filled with flavor for your next brunch.

Beehive’s Jazzy Brunch

At Beehive, you can have a classy brunch with the night-like inner environment and southern touch to your food and music. There are more of brunch snacks than whole meals here but that is perfectly fine if you are looking to just get some refills for your tummy before having lunch later on. This place is more for a chilled session with some food and a great atmosphere, to wind down and spend some good time with your friends and loved ones.

Highland Kitchen’s Bluegrass Brunch

Looking for a nice cowboy brunch on a Sunday morning? Then Highland’s kitchen is the place to be at. Enjoy some fiddle, guitar music and banjo; all live for you while you savor some of the great flavors of the south. Open specially on Sundays for the lazy people staying at home to step out to have their only outdoors meal.

West End Johnnie’s gives you Reggae Brunch

Enjoy a brunch in Reggae style at West End Johnnie’s at Portland Street in Boston. This is also a place open only on Sundays for you and this is definitely the place to go if you want to wind your slow Sunday morning with a peaceful brunch with yourself or your partner. The live Reggae music can indeed ease your tension from your work week and put you calm while you savor the simple snacks like Banana Crepe or heavier meals like Corned Beef with eggs.

Breakfast Club

Catch a retro brunch at the Breakfast Club located at Western Ave at Brighton! This is an old school, classic diner from the 1980s, named after a movie by John Hughes. Sit down and enjoy some good food with the soundtrack of the 1980s playing by the background. Recall all the movie characters who have stolen your heart from three decades ago while you gobble up the old school breakfast too.

Brunch hours may be a pain in terms of finding a cab or public transport to take you to your location, so perhaps Boston City Ride might be a helpful choice. Book with us before your journey for a peaceful ride to and fro from your lazy Sunday afternoon brunch with safety and travel to your location all taken care of by us. Take down our number and remember to call Boston City Ride for your transportation needs!

Celebrate Your 21st Birthday At These Wonderful Places In Boston!

Whether you’re a serious person or a fun-loving person, if you are looking to celebrate your 21st birthday in Boston, then fear not of running out of choices! Boston has plenty of options for you to consider, regardless of how you want to celebrate your big day. With your friends and family, you need a place with food full of love and ambience which is rich yet soothing and peaceful. A birthday is a good reason and a good excuse for you to go to one of those posh restaurants you have been eyeing on, but could never find the time or save up enough money to go to. This is the time you can eat at one of those places to your heart’s content, without being guilty for splurging on that extra plate of salmon or chocolate cake.


This is one fancy French restaurant which will fit the bill for a lovely 21st birthday celebration. L’Espalier doesn’t just engulf you with the rich and delicious authentic French cuisine, but also is a good place to sit down and appreciate the French culture and history through their interior furnishing and decorative paintings. That is not the best part yet. Most of us have tasted French food before but not necessarily have we witnessed it being cooked. Here at L’Espalier, you can watch the chefs make your own order right in front of you while you wait for your food!

The Capital Grille

6067137289_8056ccd067 Celebrate Your 21st Birthday At These Wonderful Places In Boston!

This is a really pleasant looking restaurant at Newbury Street in Boston. Don’t hesitate to make a reservation and let them know it’s your birthday, and particularly that it is your 21st birthday because they will probably welcome you with a really sweet surprise! Don’t be shocked if you walk into a table full of confetti, with a card and a lovely little cake just for you from the very generous management.

Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks

ESKD for short is a place known for its hospitality in Boston. Located at 528 Commonwealth Ave in Boston, it is the place to go if you have a huge group of family and friends wanting to celebrate your special day with you. ESKD can hold large crowds so it would be apt if your situation is as such. It is also filled with a large selection of foods and drinks, so everyone is likely to be pleased with their food and beverages at ESKD. This is one of the more hip restaurants, with more fun, music and a livelier feel to it. So those who are more fun-loving can always consider coming to ESKD.

Brown Sugar Cafe

Brown Sugar Cafe, also from the Commonwealth Ave in Boston, is the most hip place we can think of for you fun-lovers! This is a chilled, disco-themed cafe with lights flashing and music blasting for your upbeat 21st birthday celebrations. Brown Sugar Cafe’s team will make sure that everyone in the house knows that it is your birthday with all the uproar they will be creating to celebrate your birthday. If you feel like being in the center of attraction on your special day, then Brown Sugar Cafe is the place for you to go to.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is at Berkeley Street and it follows a very unique concept. You can hand pick your own fresh ingredients that you want to be grilled right in front of you for you to eat there. It has a concept of all you can eat for a certain price, so you can have as many servings as you wish and you can also experiment around with your group on which ones each of you like the most and get more of it later on.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Winebar

Come to Fleming’s Prime at Stuart Street at Boston for some really high standard steaks and burgers. You can request from the Fleming’s team to allow you to make reservations for one of the private dining rooms if you would like to spend some alone and quality time with your friends and family on your 21st birthday.


Aquitaine at Tremont Street in Boston is the place to go if you simply do not want to have a birthday dinner. You can come to Aquitaine for a sweet and sunny birthday brunch! That’s different for a change isn’t it? Perhaps you can start your birthday out with a brunch here and then continue it later in the evening with some proper partying!

On your birthday, it would be such a hassle to sit down to think about transportation for you and your loved ones to get to the restaurant for the birthday meal, so leave that worry to us! Boston City Ride will take care of it for you and with a simple phone call; we will even give you an affordable quotation for you to handle the budget easily for your 21st birthday dinner. So what are you waiting for? Call us now!

5 Cool Locations To Hold A Bachelor Party In Boston

Down with the big responsibility of organizing an unforgettable bachelor party for your best buddy for him to remember it all his life? Fear not, here we’ll start you off with the most important question of where you can host such an awesome party. Your friend is about to set off on a brand new journey in his life with his loved one, and before that, he has to have a night of appreciation and remembrance of all the times and experiences with his non-blood brothers. Your buddy would have been there for you for many crucial events of your life, and right now it is your time to pay it back to him by throwing him the party of his life that leaves him all ready to start the next chapter of his life.

Choosing the location for such a party has to be a wise choice and we’ll let you know how we’ve chosen these top five locations. We’ve picked them based on the facts that they are firstly close enough to a nice weekend getaway so that you can plan a short trip during the Bachelor party to have a change of environment. Secondly, they are rather budget places yet with no compromised quality. Finally these places have a range of nightclubs around them, because no bachelor party is complete without having a good night out at the club! Here are 5 great locations for you to consider throwing your buddy the best surprise Bachelor Party ever!

Middlesex Lounge at Central Square

5794125218_5ec38e11fa 5 Cool Locations To Hold A Bachelor Party In Boston

If your buddies and you enjoy cocktail hours, Middlesex lounge can deliver that to you with a mellow vibe. However, ensure that you arrive as early as possible before the queue gets ridiculously long till you are denied entry. You can expect genres such as your usual Techno and House ; the club’s DJs also spin Underground Disco music if that happens to be one of your preferences.

The Estate

At The Estate’s main room, you can expect to see more than 700 party-goers at a time and that is a sure-fire way to expend your adrenaline to the fullest. Music-wise, you can expect world-class DJs spinning the decks and playing Electronic Dance Music, Hip Hop and non-stop party remixes. The décor of the club is also something for your eyes to feast on as they have a fireplace that is made of stone, stunning chandeliers and leather banquettes. If your bachelor party falls on Friday, you are definitely in for a treat as it is DJ Costa’s weekly house party.

Mojito’s Nightclub and Latin Lounge

Who says men can’t dance? To surprise your bro, you may secretly sign him up for Salsa dance lessons that take up an hour of his time. After learning new dance moves, it is time for him, your friends and you to head to the dance floor to burn it up with your fiery dance routines. As you dance, don’t forget to grab a sip of tapas or sangria too. The nightclub is suitable for you if your buddies and you prefer to just dance and drink all night to Hip Hop music in a posh downtown venue. Drunk dancing is the name of the game!

Arc Nightclub

The club is located in an old area that is close to Fenway. Critics say that the club exudes a slight casual tone that hints a nerdy and dive bar element. To assist you in planning for the night’s event, you may want to go with the following flow. Begin with an adult beverage (something to get the inner heat going) in the Front Room (well that is easy to remember), initiate a showdown of a game of pool, grab a quick bite and finally head to the Back Room. In the Back Room, brace your eardrums for their house DJs who groove every night of the week.

Royale at Theatre District

Royale kills two birds with one stone as it transforms from a music/concert hall (in the early evenings) to a killer dance club (after the sun sets). The deal is pretty sweet as you can head to their double level ballroom to watch a full range of big name acts from around the world. Be it guitar solos from international rock bands that cause a sensory overload or groovy Hip Hop beats that you can dance to all night, you are sure to have a blast at these awesome club.

Going around all these places is not going to be easy without good transport. With a perfectly planned bachelor’s party in mind, you would not want to unnecessarily be bothered by matters pertaining transport to give you a headache. So trust us and leave your transport needs up to us, the Boston City Ride. We’ll sort out your trips and your airport pick up so that you and your friends can have the best bachelor party organized without hassle when it comes to transport!

Top Kid-Friendly Activities To Try In Boston

Are you bringing your kids with you when you go to Boston but are worried that there is nothing they can do while you are there? Well, you need not worry. There are many kid-friendly activities that your kids and the rest of the family will love when you explore this great Massachusetts city. From seasonal events to outdoor fun – you name it, they have it.

Guided bike tours

There are guided bike tours around the city of Boston where you and your kids will extremely have the time of your lives. Renting bikes will be good but you can also try creating your own bikes if you want. If you would rather explore the city on your own, it is recommended that you pass by the Boston Esplanade. This is a safe place where kids will enjoy riding their bicycles while exploring the different sites.

Watch a game of their favorite sports teams

Are your kids routing for the Red Sox or do they want to cheer for the Boston Celtics instead? The TD Garden is a perfect place where they can enjoy watching games of their sports teams. If you want a cheaper option though, you can look for tickets for the less famous Boston sports. The good thing about them is they offer the same excitement as their more popular counterparts. Your kids can even ask for autographs from their favorite players.

A tour at the Fenway Park

7186364606_1b8cb3f4e8 Top Kid-Friendly Activities To Try In Boston

When you and your kids cannot access the ball park while watching the Red Sox game, you can try exploring the Fenway Park. This is the gateway to other fabulous activities where your kids can explore the playing field or visit the dugout. They can also get inside the Green Monster, a popular place in the Fenway Park. Avail of the Boston discount card for your tour to this green space.

Try some guided land and water tours

The young ones and the once young will enjoy guided tours over Boston’s land and water sceneries. The most favorite among all Boston Harbor cruises, where you can look into the most favorite sites using the different duck boats. These vehicles are huge enough to accommodate your family. You can even have fun while you pass by Boston’s most popular historic sites. You can even splash down the Charles River if you want.

Get to see Boston using a Segway

When touring Boston, you will come across Segway riders particularly along Arlington Street. This street is near Taj Hotel. Your kids may really be bored when you mention the word “sightseeing” to them but once you introduce the concept of exploring the city using a Segway, they will surely be fascinated about trying it. This is considered one of the brightest ideas to explore Boston, although also considered the priciest.

Try the fun carousel ride

Carousel rides are no stranger to kids and truly they will be truly excited once you suggest that they try some of the carousels in Boston. Boston’s carousels are colorful thus they will surely attract your kids to take a ride. Near Faneuil Marketplace, the Rose Kennedy holds a Boston-themed carousel. Another ride can be found on Boston Common. Take note though that carousel rides are seasonal for this city so better check their opening dates.

Try the outdoors and go for a picnic

Going out on a picnic on this city is one of the best ways to make your kids enjoy the outdoors. You can stop by specialty food markets like those found on Beacon Hill’s Charles Street and Back Bay’s Newbury Street. Pick up items you want to take with you to your picnic while the kids also choose the goodies that they want. From there, you can proceed to one of Boston’s most popular parks – Christopher Columbus Park, Rose Kennedy and the Boston Esplanade for example – then enjoy the fun while the early morning sun or the early afternoon breeze kisses your skin.

Give them a glimpse of the stars at night

After your kids have enjoyed the afternoon fun exploring Boston’s Museum of Science, you can take them to the rooftop where the Observatory is found. Let them gaze at the stars using the computer-controlled equipment called the Schmidt telescope. This free event is open for guests during Fridays from 8:30 pm to 10 pm only.

Let them climb Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams is one of the Revolutionary War Patriots whose statue is found on the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It is so fascinating to note that kids love climbing his statue while you also become mesmerized by the hero’s sculpture. From this, you can visit Quincy Market’s Food Hall and all other excellent restaurants around the area to take your lunch.

These are but some of the fascinating activities your kids will love while you explore Boston. You can take them to these spots using our car services. Let us know about your itinerary ahead of time for an easy, breezy travel later on!

Do You Know Some Of The Must-Visit Golf Courses In Boston?

5d3cc26e29a3d1988cc68fde_640 Do You Know Some Of The Must-Visit Golf Courses In Boston?

Do you love potting the tee on golf courses? Do you want to go someplace and try something new when it comes to this sporting activity? Experience some of the green and mesmerizing spots that are worth visiting on your trip to Boston. There are private and public golf courses that you can try during your stay in this city in the state of Massachusetts. Take a look at the list below.

George Wright Golf Course

George Wright Golf Course is one of the two golf courses recommended by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department both for residents and tourists of the city. This golf course was founded on 1938 and was designed by Donald Ross. Considered the best golf course in Massachusetts, this golf course was named after a popular Boston Red Stockings player, who at the same time was a known name in the state’s golf community. This can be found in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood and is open only from April 1st to November 30th every year.

It boasts of an 18-hole field that seats on 6,440 yards. It is open to golfers of any level and is worth visiting on your trip to Boston. Get a fulfilling golf experience in this golf course and pay affordable rates that are coupled with professional policies. Through this golf course, you will feel challenged by the narrow playing areas and hone that professional golfer skill in you.

William J. Devine Golf Course

Situated at Franklin Park, this is the other golf course recommended by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. William J. Devine Golf Course is the second oldest golf course that has been opened to the public. It was designed by Donald Ross, the designer of George Wright Golf Course, and started operations in 1896. It has a park measurement of 5,961 yards that caters to the needs of golf enthusiasts all-year round. Get to this place within minutes after you have enjoyed downtown Boston’s wonderful sceneries. You can also experience the fun offered in Emerald Necklace where the golf course is seated.

Some other interesting facts accompanying this famous Boston golf course is the fact that it became the training ground for many golfers who wanted to follow in the footsteps of Georgian Campbell. Campbell is the US’s first woman who ever played golf professionally. She held lessons on William J. Devine for women golfers. Check the fees as they are somewhat pricier than George Wright Golf Course.

Fresh Pond Golf Course

If you intend to play golf in a smaller area, you can visit the Fresh Pond Golf Course in Boston. You will also be fascinated by the sceneries embracing this golf course with water features that can challenge beginners in this sports activity. For those of you who are interested in trying this 9-hole course, please make sure that you call in. It operates on first-come, first-served basis and offers season tickets.

Robert T. Lynch Municipal Golf Course

This golf course has 18 holes and was opened to the public in 1933. It offers room to a wide playable place after several acquisitions have been made by the course’s owners. Now, it seats over 6,300 yards and is currently offering affordable prices for residents and non-residents, amateurs and professionals alike. Golf instruction courses are also available for beginners.

Newton Commonwealth Golf Course

This golf course was opened in 1897 but was redesigned by Donald Ross in 1920 to give the public 18 holes of a full golfing adventure. It features narrow fairways, water and sand thus making it somehow difficult for beginners to train in this golf course. Newton Commonwealth Golf Course, on the other hand has a great place, the clubhouse, where friends may watch their peers playing golf. What makes the place even more fascinating is the fact that even non-golfers can spend some recreational time as they want to take a breather from their usual activities.

Things to remember when playing in these golf courses

Professional policies are in place when making use of these golf courses. Instructional lessons are also available for beginners. Make sure you have access to these policies and lessons before you explore the greens in these golf courses. Also, some of these golf courses may not be open to the public all-year round so you better check their respective websites for more information regarding their operations.

Boston can offer much more other than golf!

You should also find out what else is there to explore when visiting Boston. Aside from golf courses, there are many other attraction sites where you can enjoy a whole vacation of fun and adventure. Feel free to check on what else is in store for you and the entire gang. Also, use a car or limo service to get around and go golfing in style or explore Boston in utmost comfort!

Top Things To Do For Christmas In Boston

There are many great things to do in Boston on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, you will see many people busy for their last-minute holiday shopping. While most shops may be close during these days since employees have to spend the holiday with their family and friends, you will be surprised to find out that there are still a lot of sights to see and adventures to explore during such days. If you are headed to Boston to celebrate the holidays, you can consider these following activities:

Experience live performances

5277609300_f612065e4f Top Things To Do For Christmas In Boston

Yes, you can see many performers that will make celebrating Christmas Eve in Boston truly colorful. Visit the Symphony Hall and get a glimpse of Boston POPS Orchestra who will be having a family holiday concert. In the afternoon, you can choose from either of The Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker performance at The Opera House or any of Blue Man Group’s two afternoon shows which will be held at Charles Playhouse. You can also enjoy a night performance for free at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

Get to enjoy music and dancing

While most nightclubs in Boston do not operate during Christmas Eve, expect some venues offering the best when it comes to music and dancing. There is this annual event called the Matzo Ball which usually starts at 9 pm and is held at the Royale. You can also get a cool vibe from a live jazz band that performs at The Beehive from 5:30 pm to 10pm.

A fusion of special entertainment with great food

If you want to spend the night enjoying some great food and live performance, Chinatown’s China Pearl Restaurant is a must-visit. The place usually serves a special 4-course dinner on Christmas Eve accompanied by a theatrical performance from Moo Jew. There is also a stand-up comedy performance in the restaurant for that evening.

Get a glimpse of what Christmas is all about

What can be a better way to enjoy Christmas than to get a glimpse of what this day is all about? Along Commonwealth Avenue Mall, Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Boston Common, you will find a dazzling display of lights that will mesmerize your eyes and awaken your spirits. You can also stroll along Charles and Newbury Streets and get a view of the beautifully decorated shops inspired by Christmas themes. On Beacon Hills’ Louisburg square, you will meet carolers who will provide great entertainment to visitors and residents alike.

Walk along the trails of Freedom Trail on Christmas Day

The trail will lead you to16 of Boston’s historic sites. While these sites are closed to the public during Christmas Day, you can take it as an opportunity to capture the sites and take great stills that you can take back with you when you go home. This three-hour, 2.5 mile walk starts at Boston Common, the Visitor’s Center in particular, and from there you simply have to follow the red line that connects the historic sites together up to the end of the trail at the USS Constitution. The trail opens from 9 am to 4 pm.

Experience what Back Bay can offer

The Back Bay is yet another place to explore while traversing the great roads of Boston. The tour basically starts at the Boston Public Garden and from there you can visit the great shops found on Newbury St., otherwise known as Boston’s Rodeo Drive. You will find alphabetically-arranged cross streets that will lead you to various Boston sites like the Trinity Church at Dartmouth St. and that of the Copley Square in another street. The Back Bay is a great fusion of interesting architecture and notable historical sites that are worth taking a glimpse of.

Stroll along Charles Street

Spend your Christmas strolling Charles Street and get captivated by the many old yet interesting things you will see. From here, you can head to the street of Mount Vernon where unique structures can be found. Walk down Mount Vernon St. and you will see the Church of Advent, along Brimmer St. You can get inside the church and experience serene and tranquility for a moment. End the day with a brisk walk on the Esplanade, along the Charles River.

Watch sporting events

You can also see the New England Patriots football team, the Boston Celtics basketball team and the Boston Bruins hockey team who will hold special sporting events during Christmas Events. Check their respective schedules with your hotel’s concierge.

Take note of the different activities to do if you are headed to Boston during Christmas day. You will surely have a great time as long as you get your itinerary ready beforehand. Remember to hire a limo or car service that will take you to your destination. Feel free to inquire from us regarding great transportation services!