Discover The Best Art Galleries in Boston !

The Best Art Galleries in Boston

If you are an art lover, a visit to the various Boston art galleries and studios should occupy you for days. You will enjoy your visit as you discover what Boston has to offer in terms of art. It can be difficult to know where to begin owing to the wide range of options. Although you can find art galleries in virtually every Boston neighborhood, some of the prime locations for art shopping and browsing include Charles Street in Beacon Hill, the South End, Newbury Street and the Fort Point Channel area. By focusing on areas with a high concentration of galleries, you can make the most of your tour.

Boston boasts world-class museums, top-level art schools, thriving communities of artists and numerous art collectors. The art galleries specialize in every art period and genre with art pieces geared towards every taste and budget and there is something for everyone. Apart from the galleries, there are artists that display their work in shows, open studies and other informal settings. At these venues, you can enjoy works from emerging artists and from established artists as well. The art pieces that you buy while traveling can be very special as you create lasting memories of your trip.

Newbury Street in Back Bay

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Most people will agree that the top Boston location for art galleries is the fashionable Newbury Street. This is where you will find the most art galleries in Boston. Alongside the jewelry stores, restaurants and high-end designer boutiques, you will find more than 30 art galleries and antique shops that offer a sizeable art collection. Hopping from one gallery to another is a favorite pastime of many Bostonians and you can join other art lovers in “gallery hopping” along Newbury Street. If you are a serious art shopper, you can find galleries where you can spend your money on any style, period or level of artistic expression.

Beacon Hill antique shops

Beacon Hill is different from Back Bay in that there are very few art galleries, but numerous antique shops. Located in the lovely 18th century neighborhood, Beacon Hill has shops where you can discover some amazing art. If you love sculptures, the antique shops can yield some lovely surprises. You will find most of the antique shops along Charles Street, between the Public Garden and Boston Common. This is also the home of several restaurants, hotels and small stores and you can walk the length of the street in about 20 minutes if you are not captivated by what the shops have to offer.

To shop for art or antiques, simply walk along the street looking at the style or period of the items displayed in the windows and if you see something you like, you can walk in. Remember that some of the shops are located on the second floor and you should look up as you walk. Most of the antique shops specialize in furnishings and you can also find some fine Asian art and objects. Some of the shops where you can find great artworks include Good, Judith Dowling Asian Art Gallery and Twentieth Century Ltd Goods. You can find everything you need from sculptures to jewelry.

South End art galleries

For the most avant-garde or trendy art galleries in Boston, visit the South End art galleries. The South End location is undoubtedly Boston’s trendiest area and it is where you can expect to find the ultra-hip crowd. Your first stop in the South End neighborhood should be the SOWA Artists Guild at 450 Harrison. The Guild is an organization that is comprised of professional artists and many of them live and have their studios in the South End. Other locations of interest are Berenberg Gallery, Bernard Toale Gallery and Chase Young Gallery.

Gallery at The Piano Factory

The Gallery at The Piano Factory is open a few hours in the afternoons on most weekends as well as on some Friday openings. The gallery is housed in an 1854 piano factory that has been repurposed. The PCG or Piano Craft Guild provides work, affordable living, and exhibition space for a number of South End artists. The Piano Factory Gallery offers a unique and eclectic mix of shows that also includes different media. There is always something interesting to see at the gallery even if it is the uniquely decorated doors and you will not be disappointed that you made the trip.

Vessels Gallery

If you love pottery, make your way to Vessels Gallery. The gallery specializes in sculptural objects and you can find some beautiful and affordable pieces to take home with you. The art pieces are made by both local and international artists and you can get details about the artists behind the works. Whether you are a collector or if you are looking for a gift, this is a great place to visit.

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