Learn Steps To Reduce Jet Lag Before Your Next Boston Trip!

Your next Boston trip!

Many business travelers flying to Boston are no strangers to regular jet lag. If you have to go straight to a meeting or presentation when you arrive, you know that staying alert is crucial. While there are those who have accepted jet lag as a price they have to pay, it can be avoided. The last thing you need is to deal with fatigue from your cross-country travel. Making the best transport arrangements even before you leave for Boston is a good step, but you also need to know how to combat symptoms of jet lag.

To make sure that you arrive at your meeting clear headed and focused, here are some steps to take while preparing for the trip. By staying sharp and focused during the trip, you can mitigate the annoying effects of jet lag on your body. Arriving fresh will help to ensure that you accomplish your mission in Boston effectively. Following are some simple steps that can help you to manage jet lag.

Remember to adjust your clock

Before you begin your journey, make sure that you adjust your watch. This will not only help you to tell the time, it also helps you to adjust your internal clock. This is more than just a mind trick and it actually works! You will find yourself more prepared for the time zone that you are entering when you sync your clock. If you are travelling across different time zones, sleeping and eating at the appropriate times is a good way to help you adjust faster. Do not worry even if it means sleeping several hours earlier or later than usual. By adjusting your internal clock, you will find it easy to adjust when you get to Boston.

Get some in-flight sleep

However difficult it may be, you should try to catch some sleep on the plane. Admittedly, this is much easier if you are travelling first or business class. If you are traveling across country, try to get the best seat and if you are travelling late at night or early in the morning, try to get some sleep mid-flight. Many people feel like they should use the time on the flight to prepare for the presentation or meeting but your time will be much better spent if you catch some winks. Sleeping will not just help you to avoid drowsiness, it will also help you to feel more relaxed and energized on arrival. There is no point in spending all the time catching up on your notes only to fall asleep during the meeting!

Drink plenty of water

To combat jet lag, you should endeavor to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water both before and during the flight is important and it will keep you focused during your business meetings. Try to avoid indulging in too many in-flight beverages as these only serve to keep you dehydrated. Using coffee to stay awake will not do you much good when trying to fight jet lag. Avoid soda and alcohol and remember that when you combine these beverages with the effects of cabin pressure and altitude, you have the perfect recipe for drowsiness, headaches and poor focus.

Pack some headphones

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Remember to bring your headphones during the trip. Apart from helping you to sleep or to focus on work, the headphones will help to drown out the noise around you. Loud neighbors or cranky kids can add to your woes, making the headphones essential in-flight accessories. Wearing headphones is a great way to pass the message to chatty individuals that you prefer not to be disturbed. If you do not have the noise-cancelling headphones, you do not have to worry as any ear plugs can work just as well and this includes the plain earbuds that come with your cell phone.

Limit travel stress

You should limit any stressors that can affect your trip. By preparing adequately for the trip, you can avoid situations that can lead to stress, helping you to feel great on the trip. Before leaving, make sure that you make all the transport and accommodation arrangements. Making bookings in advance will help you to avoid stress when you get to your destination. Confirm your hotel bookings and make sure that you hire airport transportation. Knowing that you have a car service waiting for you when you get to Boston can help to alleviate feelings of stress.

Setting up transport arrangements ahead of time will go a long way to minimize jet lag. Make sure that you hire a comfortable vehicle for the journey. A limo will not only help to ensure that you get to your destination in style, you can also stretch out and relax in the comfortable vehicle. If your schedule allows it, try to get some exercise upon arrival. Spending some time in the hotel gym or walking around the Boston streets can do you a lot of good as it gets your blood flowing throughout the body.

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