Make The Most Of This Year’s Team Building With Sporting Events

Because it constitutes a form of high-impact learning that improves group communication, skills, morale and productivity, team building sessions are considered a healthy way of treating your employees to a night out. Even though Boston has a rich history reflected via its numerous great restaurants, museums and nightlife, sometimes neither of these establishments is suitable for your team. If you’re looking for a fresh idea when planning your next outing for the staff and you want to make sure everyone has a great time, then you should check out the sporting events throughout Boston.

Granted, you could argue that not everyone is a sports fan and hence, certain employees won’t really get the most out of the team building session. However, rest assured that the infectiously cheerful atmosphere on the stadiums surely lends you a hand. Here are some sporting event ideas to consider.

4489008697_405e9db74d Make The Most Of This Year's Team Building With Sporting Events

1. Red Sox game

It has often been said that attending a Red Sox game is not only a treat, but also an actually historic experience. Even though in the past few years the baseball team had trouble winning the season, fans haven’t lost hope yet and always believe that this year will be “THE YEAR”. Seeing the Red Sox in action on Fenway Park can be considered a lesson in trusting in yourself and never giving up. All in all, it’s a great place to take your staff, especially if things haven’t been going great at the office lately.

2. Celtics game

In all fairness, there are few things more exciting than a basketball game in Boston. Therefore, taking your employees to see a Celtics game is surely going to be a thrill they won’t soon forget, particularly if the players bring home a big victory that night. Obviously, since the idea is to plan a memorable night, you need to book seats as close to the field as possible, preferably in an area where your employees get the feeling they can grab the ball and throw it in the net themselves.

3. Bruins game

In case you’re confronted with a morale problem that’s quickly spreading throughout the office, then one solution to your predicament would be a night out at the TD Gardens. Known for their high-flying, kick-action game style, there’s nothing like an exciting game of hockey to energize your staff. In fact, seeing the Bruins in action, feeling the ice-saturated air and witnessing the puck flying across the field, while never knowing if or when a fight will break out, will definitely help your employees forget about their daily worries and struggles.

4. New England Revolution

If you’re running an international company and have plenty of employees from Europe, then you should consider taking them out for a soccer game. A New England Revolution game is not only going to help your staff experience a little bit of home, but also constitutes a great opportunity to improve team communication skills at the same time.

Make sure it’s a night to remember

Since you want to avoid all inconveniences regarding getting there on time, it would be nice to hire a car service to pick up all the members of your staff, particularly because everyone will surely have at least one beer. Depending on the number of employees, you can either opt for a limousine or you can rent a minibus.

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