Call Boston Car Service for all your occasions.

Birthday celebration

When you have any big birthday parties approaching, whether it is your own personal or a friend’s, Boston Car Service can make the day much more amazing then it is usually. Get your family and friends and make preparations to be taken with exceptional Boston Limo. A limousine could be a very helpful addition to your day’s leisure activCall-Boston-Car-Service-for-all-you-occasions Call Boston Car Service for all your occasions.ities. Whether it is a meal at an elegant restaurant, a night time at a nightclub, or it could be even a road trip to the town, Boston Car Service will certainly be a sophisticated means of travelling.

By using one of our clean stretch limousines you could fit your whole loved ones altogether and get the party started earlier. In addition to that it removes the necessity for a car rental and searching for parking around the town. If a journey is on the plan then a large SUV would certainly be a great choice. Having a big trunk that will fit everyone’s bags and plenty of space to get a group of people while on the way to your location, you should begin the enjoyment even before you get to your drop off place. All of our stretch limousines and SUVs offer you high tech multichannel surround sound systems as well as coolers to help keep your drinks iced. Boston Car Service could also be a fantastic gift for your close friend on a birthday celebration. You can give us a call or send an email to reserve our Boston Limo for the special day. We can easily pick both you and your birthday guests up at any place around the city and drive you exactly where you would like to go. Boston Limo is an incredible addition to a special deal or dates for tours.

Corporate and business Limousine Service

Getting work done in the business market most often demands a wide range of travels and trips. It doesn’t matter if it is from one city to another one or Logan airport; Boston Airport Car Service is always ready. If you are travelling to a different country or staying domestic yet have to get a flight, Boston Airport Limo accommodates your every single need. Airport pick up and drop off is among one of our most remarkably requested services regardless of whether you are travelling by yourself or as a team.

Heading to and from the airport is probably not your only consideration for your business traveling requirements. Furthermore, we meet the needs of those people moving around the city as well as to those people travelling away from the city for conferences, meetings or business activities. Coming up with a great impression in front of your manager or co-workers is obviously a good suggestion and absolutely nothing is better than showing up in a limousine to your business event.

In case you are the boss and planning for a business conference and would like a method of travel which could carry groups of people, you don’t need to get worried. Boston Car Service has possible choices of SUVs for up to 7 passengers or when you need more rooms we certainly have Limos that could take from 8 to 10 travelers. Every one of these cars are designed with the most effective facilities which enable it to take you and your guests towards your desired destination in a high class, dependable and well-timed manner.

Travelling with Boston Car Service to your business events will enable you and your workmates to travel suitably and pleasantly in professional conditions. Properly dressed and perfectly respectful Drivers will pick you from your business office and take you to your final destination without having to concern yourself with navigating, dealing with luggage, parking, traffic and all different travel concerns.

Give yourself the chance to experience our services, you will enjoy your trips as you have never did, just call Boston Airport Car Service and free your mind from any transporting issues.

What to Consider When Using a Boston Car Service

What to Consider When Using a Boston Car Service

Boston-Car-Service What to Consider When Using a Boston Car Service your experience as a client needs to be more than remarkable. Boston Airport Car Service companies are all about taking good care of their customers; comfort and reliability is exactly what they are built upon.

If the Boston Limo you reserved with isn’t meeting these conditions than you aren’t getting the best service a Boston Car Service must provide. Some travelers are not sure what to consider when utilizing a Boston Car Service and sometimes settle an unsatisfying experience. However, there are many key factors that define a reliable Boston Car Service and that you should know about.

Riding in Style and comfort with Boston Car Service

Always make sure that the person who will be driving you is quite professional and looking good, also the vehicle should be clean and free of cigarette smoke and of any visual defects. The ordinary dress for any Boston Car Service driver consist of black suit, white shirt, black shoes and conservative tie.

The last thing you can expect is to see an old-fashioned car parking in front of your house while you are expecting a luxurious ride. This is exactly why new or late-model cars are more used by greatest private transportation companies. You are spending money for luxury and comfort; so a new car is what you deserve.

Professional drivers

A suitable Boston Limo always makes certain that the driver will take good care of the riders. Having a smooth ride is the desire of every passenger, means that the driver ought not to make heavy stops, sudden accelerations or harsh turns.

A professional driver needs to have a good knowledge about the region he is driving and must be aware of its different routes. You can also be sure that your driver will never break any traffic laws. Finally, a driver should not answer personal phone calls or utilize his cell phone when driving you. He should always focus on the road to provide his riders a secure and comfortable ride.

Executive Customer Service

Finally, let your driver help you. When you have any requests, you can simply ask your driver for assistance. Your driver will enjoy having a conversation with you to make sure you are receiving what you really want, although, a professional driver will not speak unless you start a conversation.

Your driver ought to open and close the door for you and take care of your luggage. He will make every effort to provide you with the best possible Boston Car Service.

Whenever you need a luxury Boston Airport Car Service you can rely on Boston City Ride. Our experienced drivers will deliver the service you expect.

Safe Worldwide Travel with Boston Airport Limo

Safe Worldwide Travel with Boston Airport Limo

Are you getting yourself ready for your following big tour in a different city and thinking of hiring a Boston Car Service? We could have that option quite simple for you. There are lots of amazing benefits for getting a Boston limo, No matter if you are going foBoston-Airport-limo Safe Worldwide Travel with Boston Airport Limor pleasure or business; it all gets down to ensure your security. When considering international travel you cannot ever be too mindful. There are many different things which can be mistaken during unusual travel. However if you simply follow some general rules and employ a Boston Airport Limo, you are more likely to have a very good trip without any problem.

1- Your safety

It is extremely important that you do not make an attempt to rent a car in a different country. This could sound old fashioned, but there is a big threat that you could really hurt an individual by driving on the incorrect side of the roads. In USA we drive on the right half of the road, and you might be going to a country in which they drive on the left side. It may seem an easy task to get used to, but the truth is that the different driving method could be confusing and potentially harmful.

2- Relaxation and Comfort

When you are travelling around the world you are going to need to become accustomed to times differences. If you are going to be driving, actually being off your normal schedule might be a serious problem. Rather than being concerned about driving when you are tired from your long flight, and seeking to find out why it was eventually dark when you departed, and also dark day once you landed, you possibly can sit back and calm down at the back of the chauffeured car you scheduled.

3- Unfamiliar Areas

When you are a regular traveler, or when you have a multiple citizenship, it is likely that you will be not familiar with the roadways, you will have to take a Boston airport Limo booked for you for getting in places you need to be. It is essential that you reach your destination promptly. The simplest way to make sure of that would be to trust the company that understands and knows the road techniques and traffic routines.

4- Luxury

Perhaps the real reason you should keep in mind while using chauffeured transporting services for your travel is basically the convenience that is provided by having a Driver. That professional person will get to your place, lead you straight where you’d prefer to go, wait for you with patience while you do what you need, and after that help you get elsewhere. There is no hassle, no concerns about how you are getting a Boston Limo, and there is no worry about the lack of the services you need be beneficial and pleasant.

5- Costs

If you feel that getting a Boston Car service is likely to cost you a lot of cash, it is actually a fairly cost effective idea. You are not paying out for fuel charges that are shooting over the top, you are not suffering from any one of the fees which come with booking a Boston Limo, and car parking will never be an issue. Finally, you are not going to deal with public transport or the expenses of cabs.

If you consider the price of your time, energy and productivity, there is no limit to how much funds you will save by booking one of our Boston Limos for your travel and leisure. There are many motives you should book a Boston Airport Limo, but those 5 shine out above all others.

Hire Our Boston Car service


Your wedding party is one of the most special eventboston-limo-Service Hire Our Boston Car services of your life time which should be made totally unforgettable and really worth. Among the best methods for you to make your wedding party a significant occasion is to arrange for a Boston Car service for yourself, your spouse as well as your guests. The glow, sparkle and variation that come with a limousine trip will make you feel totally amazing and one of a style.

Birthdays and Proms

You can arrange a Boston limo for your family and friends to give them the reward and respect of coming to your birthday celebration or the party night events in a deluxe and beautiful limo. Getting to an event in a limousine is among the most ideal ways to appear in the journey and attract the eye of everyone around.

Airport terminal Transportation

One more purpose that you can use Boston Airport Car Service is actually for airport transportation. These companies provide luxury and comfortable services to and from the terminal. They provide you with well prepared and completed companions who are dedicated to give you on-time airport terminal pick and drop offs.

Extraordinary Events

Because of Boston’s fantastic weather all year round, it is a city where concerts and shows are organized all through the year. Shows are usually held in the evening in resort and other historic areas where vehicle parking is either really expensive or there aren’t enough parking places. Therefore, we suggest using Boston City Ride for the trip to the  show. If you’ve never been to a show in a limo, you are really missing out an experience of a life cycle

Book your Boston car service to get to uncommon occasions, such as meetings, bachelor parties or company events in a classy style. Reflect a typical and luxurious picture and shock everyone around.

Boston Limo companies can assist you to make a huge impact on everyone around you. That is why it is extremely great that you choose the car service which is reliable and experienced. A proportion of the crucial factors that you have to look at while choosing a Boston car service are listed below:

Statistical surveys

You have to list names of well-known boston limo service companies and then make a reasonable research of the business field to get acceptable data about them. This can help you in understanding the influence of the transportation companies in the business field and also the type of service they have provided to their previous clients. Getting acceptable data can help you in making an evaluation about the limo providers and choosing the one that’s most appropriate for you.


Once you list the companies of likely Boston limo providers, you have to make a very careful relationship between the charges they provide for the service. If perhaps you are a regular business client who would need to set out usually both to and from airport terminal, you need to look for a company which offers interesting plans and discounts.


It is important to choose a Boston Car service that is properly secured to steer clear of type of troubles on trips. Using a secured company, there is no doubt that they’ll deal with any type of issue that could come out with the limo.

Boston city Ride is a standout of all the limo service in Boston, providing you reliable, secure and the best services for all occasions and events. Make your special events extraordinary by hiring our Boston city ride. Call us at (617) 536-5466 for all your reservations.

3 tips For booking a Boston Car Service

3 tips For booking a Boston Car Service

BCR-BLOG-1 3 tips For booking a Boston Car Service

Do you need a professional Car Service to pick you up from place to place? Boston Car Service can assist you, with its quick and safe services, modern vehicles and affordable rates. The best advantage of a Boston Limo is that we contract just the well-trained chauffeurs to assist our clients in a professional and safe way.

Are you ready to book a Boston Car Service for your next trip? Before booking it, you have to put in mind the following things that are very important to everybody.

Check availability with Boston Car Service

Sometimes, planning for your daily or weekly schedule can be stressful and hectic especially when some changes in that schedule happened in the last minutes. In this case, you should have a Boston Limo or Car Service that provides its services 24 hours a day 7 days a week in order to feel free in changing, cancelling, or checking your current reservations any time you need it.

Fortunately, Boston City Ride can serve you during the whole year with a nonstop service. Our pleasant and professional chauffeurs are glad to drive you anytime and anywhere. Boston Car Service’s chauffeurs have enough knowledge about Boston streets and surrounding cities. In addition to that, they are using the GPS technology. So, you don’t have to worry about directions if you are not local.

With Boston Car Service, you can reserve your private vehicle either a long time ahead your pick up day or book it in the last minutes too, as you can do it over the phone, via Email, online reservation or through the New Boston City Ride app. Boston Car Service is one of the rare limo companies that are employing courteous staff who are answering all the clients’ questions in a polite manner.

Check pricing

With Boston Car Service, It is not necessary to pay a lot of money and break the bank to have a comfort and stylish trip. You can call the office at anytime and then you will get the all inclusive price for your trip including the airport fees, fuel surcharge and others charges. But some other Boston Limo companies in this industry are providing just the base rate for the first time then the client gets surprised with the all inclusive price when he books his car. So, it is necessary to make sure that the given price is the all inclusive one.

Make sure of change and cancellation policies

In fact, emergency situations often happen and then you find yourself in need to make a change or to cancel a current reservation. In the first hand, you will need a flexible Boston Limo company that can be available all the time for its client. In the second hand, you always have to ask about the change and cancellation policy and also for the stops extra fees for the limo company that you are going to use in order to avoid extra charges. Everybody have to do this, because each company could have a different policy.

Arrange your upcoming trip with Boston Car Service by calling our friendly staff at (617) 536-5466 and then let the rest for us.

How to find a reliable Boston airport car service

Boston Airport Car Service

If you’re one of those busy travelers who are planning to visit Boston for a business meeting, or you’re coming with your family to enjoy the sounds and sights of Boston, you have to make sure that you choose the most reliable service. Here are some tips that can help you to decide on the most suitable car service to get you from airport to your destination safely.

We all know how hard it is to move from place to place when you are not familiar with the area, and nothing is worse than standing in a long queue waiting for public transportation. Booking a Boston car service is absolutely a smart decision to avoid being late or getting lost.

Everyone worries about the safety of his family and needs the car service to take good care of him and his kids while driving, that is why  you need to make sure before booking a ride that the service you choose is fully licensed, has insurance, and registration. Every Boston Airport car service needs to have a Massport permit to be able to make pickups from Boston Airport.

Ask about Safety and Reliability

Everyone needs to book a ride with a car service that considers client’s safety as its main concern. And It’s also important to rely on car service that respects time and make sure to drive the passengers with no delay.

A car service that has a large fleet is more likely to be available whenever you need the service, because smaller fleets cannot cover jobs when they have busy schedule. The service with a large fleet can also provides different services, like airport transfers, hourly service, and point to point rides.

You also need to make sure you have a professional driver so that you can trust him. A reliable car service will only use drivers who have clean driving record and knowledgeable of the local area. Good services can always employ drivers who do not have criminal record, and who show up in good condition

Boston Airport Car Service is open 24 Hours

The best car service can be at your disposal at all hours. You’ll need to be sure you will have somebody to contact if you change your flight, face any problem at the airport, or if your flight is delayed.  Do not hesitate to book your ride with the car service that can accept online reservations and has dispatchers responding to the phone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Ask your friends which car service they use

Despite that you’ve never visited Boston before; you may have lots of people who have visited here for business or holiday. Do not forget to ask them which car service they’ve used.

Car Service in Boston is Boston’s top limo service that provides rides all around Massachusetts and Logan Airport. Our company will provide a safe transportation to your beloved family. Do not hesitate to book a nice limo with Car Service in Boston; we are your desired limousine services and we will be happy to give assistance and take good care of you. Our Limousine service will provide you with its most suitable and reliable service.




Stressed? We’ve got the Remedy: Boston Limo

The Remedy: Boston Limo

The lifespan of an entrepreneur is by no means easy. From company travel, discussions, presentations, to difficulties with present and prospects, you can begin to feel such as your Saturdays and Sundays have changed into merely another Weekday. The tension of the everyday hustle can definitely hurt a profitable business person, regardless of how relaxed you would imagine you to ultimately remain in your own down-time. Because let’s be truthful: if you are like the majority of professionals, you most likely ended up doing a bit of type of function in your down-time, even though it’s just making time about the most recent post for a related website or clearing your email.

Stress isn’t great for anyone, regardless of how high powered or high profile your work. The body is made to take breaks between bursts of tense events, say you do not take time off, and you could see yourself going through a huge amount of stress.

To assist you better unwind, we’ve built a long list of probably the most relaxing hotels In Massachusetts, below is a couple you can browse and if you like you can take Boston Limo right when you land to get quickly to the hotels of your choice.

Boston Limo to get you to Fifteen Beacon Hotel: Boston Mass.

Many people consider comfort once they think about Boston. It most likely has something related to the stunning sunshine and fair weather conditions. And the beach is all around, which is actually a huge plus in the relaxation level. The Hotel at Beacon Hill is a complete excellence for those who are trying to find luxury and enjoyment. The Hotel is just like a simple community, with its fantastic Balcony, wonderful views of the City, and various places to stay in. In addition to being next to the Faneuil Hall and having the ways to access all of Beacon Hill’s high-class amenities, true relaxation should come from obtaining many different ways to rest at your finger tips. From the world class to the five star spa, you will not come to feel any kind of stress during your stay in this relaxing place.

Boston Limo transfer to the Inn at Harvard Cambridge

On the other side of the City across from the Charles River, you will find great places like the Inn at Harvard Cambridge Mass, available specifically to motivate you to forget about the sentiments of confusing pressure and stress and only sleeping in, enjoying the sunset or having a really good massage. The Inn delivers a bit of relief for business people that are sick of the daily routine and constant prodding activity of the business community. The Inn at Harvard offers the sort of retire that corporate and business people so urgently need. In fact the Inn is undoubtedly among the finest places to relieve stress.

Boston Limo 24 hours to the Four Seasons Boston Hotel.

The Four Seasons hotel includes all forms of luxury. You will automatically believe that you are going to rest in a comfortable bed, take pleasure in 5-star client service and have everything required on your stay suitable at your hands. But specifically what the Four Seasons in Boston provides is the form of mood that basically requires relaxation. How can you be depressed by the strategy reviews on their own office desk when they are basking in a gorgeous look the park by a wonderful feature? We could believe that nobody can.

The initial step to comfort during times of stress and pressure is to select the type of luxurious Hotel that comprehends your requirements and has always been producing methods of relaxation for the intent behind reducing long standing stress and anxiety. As soon as you have got high class Hotels just like the ones in this article to choose from, stress could become a removed memory.

How To Improve Your Professional Image With Chauffeured Transportation Service

Chauffeured Transportation Service

There are professional events or occasions when getting the best transport service is warranted. Corporate car service can help professionals to stand out and this in turns boots the company image. Whether you are planning meetings with clients or stakeholders, arriving in style and on time can help to leave a lasting impression. It is a well-known fact that first impressions count and you can be on your way to signing that deal even before the meeting begins! Following are situations when it is worth your while to use a chauffeured car service.

Enhancing Client Interactions

At a time when it is increasingly important to stay ahead of the competition, it is very important to take good care of your clients. The fact is that people have options and it is easy for your clients to be enticed by your competitors. The truth is that you can try to ignore the competition but with ready access to information on different options, holding on to clients is becoming increasingly difficult. It is important to look for ways to go the extra mile and the best way to do this is by offering a great client experience.

It is more difficult to get new clients than to retain the current ones and many companies are choosing to hold on to their customers by improving their experience. If you are planning to take an important client to lunch, including chauffeured transport as part of the package can help to improve the entire experience significantly. It may be a small thing but the client will not overlook it as it shows that you value the professional relationship. This is a great way to communicate without using words.

Rewarding Your Employees

5231858826_68a8ee53ae1 How To Improve Your Professional Image With Chauffeured Transportation Service

Any good employer knows that how your treat your employees will reflect in the results that they produce. Well, when employees go over and beyond on tasks or projects, it is a good idea to look for ways to reward them. If you have employees who display passion for their work regularly, finding a way to reward their efforts will go a long way in boosting their morale. This also helps to improve the employee’s loyalty to the company, which often bodes well for productivity and profits.

There are different ways to reward employees and they range from gifts and paid holidays, to planning a dinner party complete with chauffeured transportation. Providing the door-to-door transportation service will not only show the employees that you appreciate their work, it also shows that you care about their safety. Hiring a chauffeured car to take them to and from an event will help them to relax and it can also help to ensure convenience for everyone, as they do not have to worry about driving.

Recruiting the Best Talent

Any company that hopes to grow and remain profitable knows that employing the right talent is essential. As use of technology by organizations continues to soar, individuals with the skills to create competitive security, develop software and manage complex technical projects are in high demand. If you are planning to interview an individual with top talent, you need to realize that your competitors may be courting the same individual.

It is a good idea to provide a great candidate experience in order to gain an edge. You have to realize that the candidate is probably looking for something extra beyond the salary. By coming across as a company that values image, you can gain an advantage when it comes to hiring the best talent. Hiring a chauffeured limo to pick the candidate up at the airport can communicate the message that you care about the individual’s time and you are serious about bringing the person on board.

Comfortable Executive Travel

Business travel can be very stressful and most professionals will admit that it is something that they would rather avoid. Well, trying to keep productivity high while struggling with the feelings of changing time zones, and fighting off exhaustion can be difficult. After a long flight, the last thing anyone wants to think about is driving or getting an uncomfortable ride from the airport. Fortunately, you can prevent this by hiring a chauffeured car as part of the itinerary. By scheduling limo or car service to pick employees up at the hotel or airport, you can ensure that they focus on their work more effectively.

Organizing Corporate Events

Planning transport for a large number of employees can be very challenging for transport managers and corporate event planners. This becomes even more difficult if you have to deal with workers of different ranks and different flight schedules. Contact a good chauffeured transport company and allow people with experience to take care of your transport needs. This will help to ensure that the event goes off without any hitch.

Chauffeured transportation can make a huge difference when you want your business to grow and become successful. When you are looking to make a good impression, choosing the right chauffeured transport service can go a long way!

Visiting Boston – Expert Tips To Pack The Perfect Carry-On Bag

The Perfect Carry-On

When preparing for your trip, you have to know how to pack smart. At a time when baggage can actually end up being a hindrance as you travel though airports, you need to be careful about what you pack. This is especially important when you are planning a short trip. Experts agree that when packing, you should never waste luggage space. Most frequent travelers know that bag fees can add up and you can end up paying more than you anticipated.

While it is not always possible to carry a single bag on your trip, you need to know how to maximize the space in your carry-on luggage. When packing, make sure that you are not paying more than you need to. The items you are checking in should be what you absolutely need and nothing more. Seasoned travelers pride themselves on knowing how to pack well and when they get to their destination, nothing is forgotten, stained, damaged or wrinkled! The following tips will make your Boston trip more pleasant.

Find out the airline’s requirements

When making your travel arrangements, make sure that you find out the airline’s requirements when it comes to baggage. Find out the exact dimensions that are allowed by the airline for personal luggage. Remember that this varies from one airline to the next and no particular bag will be perfect for every occasion. You need to know that there are airlines that charge up to $25 or more for personal bags that are deemed oversized. Visit the airlines website or talk to your travel agent to find information that will help you when trying to keep your checked luggage to the minimum.

Folding your clothes correctly

aa5abebe5b51ce0eaffbc8b1_640 Visiting Boston - Expert Tips To Pack The Perfect Carry-On Bag

It is important to know that how you fold your clothes will determine whether or not they end up wrinkled. The folding technique will differ depending on the clothing item or the fabric. Many seasoned travelers have learnt how to choose clothes that do not wrinkle easily. Items like blazers can take up a lot of room and they also wrinkle if folded poorly. Wearing the blazer is one option although it might still result in some wrinkles and it might not be practical in warm climate. To reduce wrinkling, pull one of the blazer sleeves through the other and fold the blazer in half just once.

Invest in compression bags

To pack effectively, consider getting some compression bags. Depending on how large or small your carry-on bag is and the personal items that you need on board, you can fit some extra items at the bottom of the carry-on. You can put items like wrinkle free shirts, socks and other items in these spaces. There are different compression bags in the market and they range in price depending on the type and where you buy the bag. They are, however, quite affordable and it is a purchase worth making.

Always pack in layers

When packing your carry-on, think in layers. If you need to access anything in the bag during the flight, you need to make sure that it is at the top. Pack any medications and liquids that you need to declare to the TSA in a clear bag and place them on top. This will help to ensure that you do not have to rummage or dig into your bag when you get to the security check. This will not only help to save time, it also means that you do not have to keep packing and unpacking before you get to your destination. Depending on your requirements, carrying a personal bag or purse for the items will help.

Label your carry-on bag

Labeling your bag will come in handy if you become separated from your luggage during the flight. Due to the increasing cost of checking bags, the overhead storage space has become scarce and you might not be within arm’s length of your bag. The fact that it is not easy to reach your bag also means that you can easily be separated from it. Make sure that you label your bag carefully to avoid any mix-up. The outside of your bag should have your contact information or any other personal identifier. There have been many cases of people walking out of the plane with the wrong bag and this can be avoided with careful labeling.

Your luggage amount will determine the vehicle size that you need to transport you from the airport. When hiring a Boston car service, you need to determine the amount of luggage that you have. This will help you to decide whether you need to hire a SUV. Make sure that you get the services of a reputable car service so that you can get the vehicle of your choice. Hiring a limo can help to ensure that you have a smooth and relaxed ride to your destination.

Discover The Best Art Galleries in Boston !

The Best Art Galleries in Boston

If you are an art lover, a visit to the various Boston art galleries and studios should occupy you for days. You will enjoy your visit as you discover what Boston has to offer in terms of art. It can be difficult to know where to begin owing to the wide range of options. Although you can find art galleries in virtually every Boston neighborhood, some of the prime locations for art shopping and browsing include Charles Street in Beacon Hill, the South End, Newbury Street and the Fort Point Channel area. By focusing on areas with a high concentration of galleries, you can make the most of your tour.

Boston boasts world-class museums, top-level art schools, thriving communities of artists and numerous art collectors. The art galleries specialize in every art period and genre with art pieces geared towards every taste and budget and there is something for everyone. Apart from the galleries, there are artists that display their work in shows, open studies and other informal settings. At these venues, you can enjoy works from emerging artists and from established artists as well. The art pieces that you buy while traveling can be very special as you create lasting memories of your trip.

Newbury Street in Back Bay

6969489772_f39c2b98a8 Discover The Best Art Galleries in Boston !

Most people will agree that the top Boston location for art galleries is the fashionable Newbury Street. This is where you will find the most art galleries in Boston. Alongside the jewelry stores, restaurants and high-end designer boutiques, you will find more than 30 art galleries and antique shops that offer a sizeable art collection. Hopping from one gallery to another is a favorite pastime of many Bostonians and you can join other art lovers in “gallery hopping” along Newbury Street. If you are a serious art shopper, you can find galleries where you can spend your money on any style, period or level of artistic expression.

Beacon Hill antique shops

Beacon Hill is different from Back Bay in that there are very few art galleries, but numerous antique shops. Located in the lovely 18th century neighborhood, Beacon Hill has shops where you can discover some amazing art. If you love sculptures, the antique shops can yield some lovely surprises. You will find most of the antique shops along Charles Street, between the Public Garden and Boston Common. This is also the home of several restaurants, hotels and small stores and you can walk the length of the street in about 20 minutes if you are not captivated by what the shops have to offer.

To shop for art or antiques, simply walk along the street looking at the style or period of the items displayed in the windows and if you see something you like, you can walk in. Remember that some of the shops are located on the second floor and you should look up as you walk. Most of the antique shops specialize in furnishings and you can also find some fine Asian art and objects. Some of the shops where you can find great artworks include Good, Judith Dowling Asian Art Gallery and Twentieth Century Ltd Goods. You can find everything you need from sculptures to jewelry.

South End art galleries

For the most avant-garde or trendy art galleries in Boston, visit the South End art galleries. The South End location is undoubtedly Boston’s trendiest area and it is where you can expect to find the ultra-hip crowd. Your first stop in the South End neighborhood should be the SOWA Artists Guild at 450 Harrison. The Guild is an organization that is comprised of professional artists and many of them live and have their studios in the South End. Other locations of interest are Berenberg Gallery, Bernard Toale Gallery and Chase Young Gallery.

Gallery at The Piano Factory

The Gallery at The Piano Factory is open a few hours in the afternoons on most weekends as well as on some Friday openings. The gallery is housed in an 1854 piano factory that has been repurposed. The PCG or Piano Craft Guild provides work, affordable living, and exhibition space for a number of South End artists. The Piano Factory Gallery offers a unique and eclectic mix of shows that also includes different media. There is always something interesting to see at the gallery even if it is the uniquely decorated doors and you will not be disappointed that you made the trip.

Vessels Gallery

If you love pottery, make your way to Vessels Gallery. The gallery specializes in sculptural objects and you can find some beautiful and affordable pieces to take home with you. The art pieces are made by both local and international artists and you can get details about the artists behind the works. Whether you are a collector or if you are looking for a gift, this is a great place to visit.

Hiring a Boston car service will help to ensure that you visit the art shops conveniently. The service will also come in handy when you need someone with experience to drop you exactly where you need to be.