Where Can You Enjoy The Best Beach Time While In Boston?

The Best Beach Time While In Boston

If you love the beach, a trip to Boston will not leave you disappointed. Several beaches near Boston provide much needed escapes from the city. You can feel like you are away from the city without actually leaving! The “hidden secrets” are appreciated by residents and visitors alike and if you are visiting Boston for the first time, you will be glad to know that there are places where you can go to unwind after days of sightseeing. You can enjoy swimming, walking across the sand and soaking up some sun at the convenient city beaches.

The best thing about visiting Boston beaches is that they are easy to access. Whether you choose to use public transportation like the bus or subway or you take advantage of convenient car service, you can be at the beach within no time! The beaches located in East Boston, South Boston, Revere and Dorchester, are just some of the places where you can relax and enjoy the water. Following are beaches that you must visit when you are in Boston.

South Boston Beaches

There are 4 South Boston beaches that look out to the Dorchester Bay. The Pleasure Bay Beach, Carson Beach, M Street Beach and L Street Beach make up the 3 miles of the uninterrupted Boston area beach. The beaches form one continuous stretch and it is difficult to say where one ends and the next begins. The area is a remarkable sight and the best part is that it is located a few miles from the city. You can enjoy magnificent views of Harbor Islands.

The beach boasts plenty of family-friendly amenities and they include a large bathhouse. This is a popular beach in the summer but you can also get some action during winter. The L Street Beach hosts the annual 1st January swim. A group of local residents known as the “L Street Brownies” take a plunge into the cold icy waters to raise funds for charities.

Revere Beach

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Located north of Boston is the 2 mile-long Revere Beach. The easily accessible Boston beach looks across the Atlantic Ocean and on warm days, it can attract thousands of visitors. Revere Beach was established in 1896 and it goes down in record as being the country’s oldest public beach. Some of the features that you can enjoy while at the beach include Victorian-style pavilions and a public bathhouse. Across the street, the numerous food vendors keep the place lively while ensuring that people remain well fed as they enjoy the ambiance. If you love crowds and fun, Revere Beach is the place to be on weekends.

If you want to avoid the large crowds, visit the beach early in the morning or late in the evening. You should also avoid the weekends if you want to have the beach to yourself to enjoy the spectacular views. For five days in July, you can watch expert sand sculptors from around the world turn sand into beautiful and elaborate works of art.

Castle Island/ Pleasure Bay Beach

Castle Island was originally an actual island but in 1891, a strait was filled connecting it to the mainland. Castle Island is the home of Pleasure Bay Beach and among other attractions; it boasts the historic Fort Independence. The beach offers the perfect location to view the USS Constitution during its annual July 4th cruise that includes a 21-gun salute representing independence. Castle Island is a wonderful place to be and even on days when it is sweltering hot, you can find a cool breeze to keep you comfortable. You can escape to this paradise from the hot and humid city.

Dorchester Beaches

Malibu Beach and Savin Hill Beach were some of the most popular beaches in Boston until the 1960s, when lack of maintenance took its toll. Fortunately, upgrades that include re-sanding and beautiful landscaping have helped to restore the beaches to their former glory. The beaches are located next to each other and they offer some protected swimming areas for those who love being in the water. They toddler playgrounds and ball fields, making the location very family friendly and you can enjoy the bathhouse at Malibu Beach.

East Boston’s Constitution Beach

Constitution Beach is located between the T’s Blue Line tracks and Logan Airport and as such, you can expect plenty of noise from the passing subway trains and planes. The fact that it is walking distance from Bennington Street makes this half a mile long beach a favorite with locals and it gets quite crowded. If you are looking for a secluded beach to enjoy some quiet time, this is not it! It is, however, a great place to hang out if you are between flights. Constitution Beach has gone through some upgrades in the last couple of years and it boasts a large playground, a new bathhouse, a picnic area, sun shelters and handball and tennis courts.

When visiting Boston, consider hiring a car service that will take you to your beach of choice conveniently and in comfort!

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