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Getting Stuck At Boston’s Logan Airport Doesn’t Have To Be A Daunting Experience!

Granted, because you’re a cautious person in general, you did your homework in advance and your business trip in Boston has been a success. Not only has the limo service you worked with helped you impress your customers, but it also ensured you made it to your destinations on time. In fact, you even got there one hour in advance, through an infernal traffic, all thanks to the chauffer’s experience and knowhow of the Boston streets.

Unfortunately, once you reached to the airport, you found out that your flight was delayed for a few hours. This is, without a doubt, a major inconvenience. However, the good news is that there are plenty of things to do while stranded at the Logan International Airport. Let’s elaborate.

• Go shopping in Downtown Crossing

Assuming you didn’t max out your credit card and you still have some cash in your wallet, you can kill some time shopping in Downtown Crossing. While it’s smaller compared to other shopping centers in Boston, Downtown Crossing is the ideal place to find gifts for your loved ones at affordable prices. The facility contains two large department stores, various smaller, but adorable outlets, and numerous food trucks where you can grab something healthy to eat.

• Take a walk along Revere Beach

Revere Beach near Kelly's Roastbeef

In case you want to clear your head, especially if you have to report back at the office the instant you arrive home, the taking a stroll along Revere Beach might be just the thing for you. The best time to enjoy some peace and quiet on the beach is during the morning, when you’ll mostly come across locals jogging. On a side note, while it’s true that Revere Beach had a bad reputation after the amusement park was abandoned, take note that nowadays it has been cleaned up and made easily accessible by public transit.

• Explore the amazing Boston skyline

While the secluded Revere Beach is a great place to be during mornings, the Maverick Station in East Boston is one of the best spots at sunset. Make your way down Summer Street until you notice the park entrance to the right and you will discover one of the most magnificent places to check out the Boston skyline.

• Relax in the beautiful Bremen Park

If you made plans to meet up with your spouse and children at the Logan Airport, then use the spare time to visit the Bremen Park nearby. There is plenty of room for your kids to play, and even a small, adorable fountain where they can splash around. Frankly, it beats sitting in the airport for a few hours.

When in doubt, use social media apps

In the event the delay is only a couple of hours and you don’t really have the time to check out the aforementioned attractions near Logan Airport, then remember that you have your trusty smartphone to rely on. As you would expect from a top facility, the airport features a reliable Wi-Fi connection and even has its own application, from which you can get the latest updates regarding flight statuses, gate changes, so on and so forth.

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