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Renting A Wedding Limo Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank!

If you are getting married soon, then you probably realized that putting together the wedding of your dreams could easily end up costing a small fortune. From the venue and menu to the flowers and photographer, the costs of your wedding can escalate pretty quickly. Without denying that a wedding to remember can be rather expensive, you might save some cash on your Big Day related services. Let’s explore how you too can cut down on the expenses when booking a limo for your wedding.

1.    Rent the limo early

Euro Limo

Irrespective of the fact that the limo renting company you’re working with provides services all across the country, take note that they only have a certain number of vehicles and drivers in your area. Therefore, if you make an effort and book your limousine early, you can be certain to get the exact car you asked for. By renting the limo that suits your needs, you will also save up some cash, especially since you won’t be forced to book a larger car simply because this is what they have left in the fleet.

2.    Book only the vehicles you need

Granted, a party bus doesn’t only mean a lot of fun for you and your guests, but it’s also a pretty cool way to show up on your Big Day. However, if you only need to transport four people to your wedding venue, booking a party bus is an unnecessary expense. Consequentially, talk to your guests and determine the number of people who require transportation throughout Boston. As a result, you will be able to rent the vehicle you need without breaking the bank.

3.    Consider renting during the off-season

In general, the timeframe between May and October is considered the busy season for caterers, planners, florists and other wedding-related services. In case you want to save up a substantial amount of cash on your wedding, consider changing the date to the off-peak season. This way not only will you be able to take advantage of a big limo rental discount, but you will also pay less for a variety of other vendors for your Big Day.

4.    Check out the various wedding packages

When renting a limo for your Big Day you will have to choose between two options, namely booking the limousine by the hour or opting for a wedding package. In case you have special arrangements in mind and only need the limo to get to wedding venue, then renting by the hour makes sense. However, if you have to travel in the limo throughout the entire day, then a wedding package is a better option. Let’s not forget that most wedding packages include numerous extras free of charge.

5.    Negotiate for more than the price of the rental

In case you tried out all of the aforementioned tricks and you still think you can get a better deal on the limo rental, then don’t hesitate to discuss this with your provider. Explain your situation and find out whether they can offer you other deals and discounts.

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