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Safe Ride Car Service

Safe Ride Car Service

Travelershire a limo service to praise the most unique events in their lives, including weddings, commemorations, birthday events, and proms. These luxurious vehicles have the most lavish allure and are great for group traveling. A limo rental has premium conveniences like a top-notch sound system with encompass sound framework, small scale cooler, TV, bar, exceptional lighting, agreeable cowhide seating, retractable rooftop, cooling, and Wi-Fi web access for a stand-out encounter. With such an excellent and welcoming vehicle available to them, it isn’t impossible for individuals to disregard the different security measures.

A limo service or executive car ride service is about traveling stress-free and with peace of mind, which you cannot expect from a random Uber or taxi service. Of course, almost every Uber ride is insured, but they are driven by normal individuals like us. The taxi or Uber drivers are not certified or trained like professional chauffeurs, hence they are not reliable when it comes to hiring them for special events like weddings, corporate meetings, or prom night traveling. The Boston City Ride car service offers an absolutely safe ride experience with 24/7 live support on road, so you can travel in peace.

Trained Chauffeurs: The Boston City Ride car service maintains a complete background record of our chauffeurs. The Boston City Ride car service recruits chauffeurs with high qualifications, who undergo special training before they are assigned to any ride with our clients. Our chauffeurs are certified drivers who strictly follow traffic rules and regulations, and ensure passengers’ safety at all costs. The chauffeurs at Boston City Ride have the skills of a butler, valet, and also bodyguard. Hence, they are prepared for any unforeseen event that might occur on road and are trained to escort the passenger to safety at all costs. The drivers are screened before every ride, they do a strict safety checkup of the vehicle to ensure a comfortable and stress-free ride for a longer period of time.

Vehicle Inspection: Hiring a cab service is a game of chances, you never know what sort of vehicle you will be getting, whether it’s really insured or maintained regularly. But with Boston City Ride service you have the option to inspect your vehicle before you book a ride to any event. With a visual inspection, you can make sure that the car’s engine is working well, the tires are in good condition, the interiors are pristine and safety components are working. Our vehicles are super safe inside out for every use, whether it’s for your wedding, group business meeting, or family traveling, we ensure that any occurring fault is reported and removed before departures.

Insurance: Every single vehicle at Boston City Ride is completely insured. We hold all insurance certificates and insurance liability documents for our vehicles. The clients can freely go through our insurance policies and can have a look at our vehicle inspection records. Moreover, the Boston City Ride car service offers absolute insurance for our clients. We offer affordable insurance plans with no hidden expenses, so you can have a safer ride.

Privacy: The Boston City Ride car service ensures that our clients have a complete sense of privacy. Our company follows strict protocols; we keep our client’s travel credentials a complete secret. Our chauffeurs are only provided with the details of your destination, arrival, time of pick up, and drop off. Moreover, the vehicles we provide have a completely private environment. The car has tinted windows, and a partitioned compartment from the driver, who can only be contacted through the intercom system when necessary. And you can have an interruption-free ride with your friends and family!

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